Kmart $5 buy solves bathroom storage chaos: 'Awesome'

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organised bathroom storage
Sydney mum-of-three and interior stylist Steph transformed her cluttered bathroom cabinet with this quick, cheap and simple solution. Photo: Supplied

Lockdown is a great time to do a little reorganising and there’s a cheap solution that’ll really take your reordered space to the next level.

Sydney interior stylist and mum of three Steph Chun recently got stuck into her bathroom cabinet and used $5 baskets from Kmart to keep things tidy.

It’s a simple solution that took her cabinet from a mishmash of items everywhere to a very orderly space without too much effort, but Steph tells Yahoo Lifestyle there are a few things to keep in mind.

“Use storage tubs and baskets in a few different sizes,” she says but, “Stick to one or two colours only for a consistent look.”

messy under sink bathroom storage
This is Steph's bathroom cabinet before her lockdown makeover. Photo: Supplied
storage baskets from kmart
She bought a variety of white tubs to fit under her bathroom sink and also inside the cabinet draws. Photo: Supplied

“I love white because it’s bright and creates a more open feel to your cupboards. I also prefer baskets that are not too deep so your items are still visible at first glance.”

To make the space practical, Steph recommends taking the time to sort your items into categories and then place them into baskets accordingly. It’s also a great time to check the expiry dates on all your products and do a little cleansing.


For a little extra style - and ease of use - pop a cute label onto your baskets. If you have access to a Cricut machine, you can make your own, otherwise custom labels can be bought off sites like Etsy, Labelled with Vinyl and Pretty Little Designs.

Steph's bathroom makeover received rave reviews online, with people calling it "awesome" and many being inspired to do the same to their own space.

organised bathroom cabinet
Another beautifully organised bathroom cabinet. Photo: Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

Another cute bathroom cabinet is the one above shared in the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia Facebook group which has been achieved using the same Kmart baskets, plus a couple from Ikea and custom vinyl labels from Etsy.

Taking on just one small space at a time is a great way to tackle organisation jobs during lockdown, as setting lofty goals to do a Marie Kondo-style cleanse of your whole home can just add to already high stress and anxiety levels at a time when we’re all just trying to survive.

Bathroom storage solutions

Clear plastic Bed Bath and Beyond bins: $15

clear plastic bath bin
If being able to see exactly what's inside each basket is important to you, these $15 bins are great. Photo: Bed, Bath and Beyond

White Adairs baskets: $12 small, $16 medium, $20 large

white baskets
These multi-purpose baskets come in three sizes. Photo: Adairs

Shein cosmetic storage basket: $12

Cosmetic basket
This cute basket is perfect for your taller products. Photo: Shein

10-piece weave basket set: $22

10-piece basket set
This 10-piece basket set will have all your storage needs covered. Photo: Matt Blatt

Kmart 11L container: $12

Kmart container
You can fit a lot into this $11 Kmart buy. Photo: Kmart

Four-piece weaved baskets: $20

four containers with yellow lids
This set can come with four identical containers or as a set in varying sizes. Photo: Amazon

Under sink starter kit: $121

5 piece storage set
If you don't have any shelving under your sink, this five-piece set inclues a little draw and stackable containers. Photo: The Container Store

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