Shoppers flock to Kmart's new $150 mattress

Penny Burfitt
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Kmart has dropped a range of budget mattresses in boxs. Photo: Kmart

Budget shoppers everywhere are always on the hunt for the cheap knock-off that does the job as well as the high-end original, and it looks like some think Kmart may have delivered the goods this week.

The retailer has wowed fans with a new range of mattresses all sitting well and truly under the $200 mark.

Notoriously costly, a truly workable budget mattress would be a gamechanger for households everywhere, with the average budget option currently setting shoppers back between $750 and $1000.

Kmart’s foray into the market is part of an exclusive online catalogue only available for delivery.

The range includes single, double and queen mattresses at $149, $169 and $189 respectively.

A new take on the ‘mattress in a box’ phenomenon made famous by brands like Koala and Ecosa, the mattresses arrive in the impossibly tiny packaging, and at around one-fifth of the price of their competitors.

Shoppers weigh in

The kid's option is getting lots of love online. Photo: Kmart

Reviews of the range are slowly rolling in with mixed reports as more shoppers get their hand on the cheap sleepers.

Initially, the excitement had people flooding online fan pages, giddy with anticipation.

“Another reason to love Kmart,” one mum wrote.

“Ooooooh interesting... I need to get a new one,” another wrote.

Others had reservations about the budget range.

“I wonder how comfy the would be,” a sceptical shopper wrote.

Some gave it a red hot go, only to be left disappointed.

“They are sooooo thin! I have it. Had to get a foam one to put under it to soften it,” one reported.

Others disagreed, saying it was a godsend for parents.

“Ideal for a child or spare bed,” one mum reported.

“This will be perfect,” another agreed.

Others suggested that the pricier options may be worth the extra coins.

“Spend the extra money and get a Koala mattress you won’t regret it,” they wrote.

With the item in high demand, it looks like the jury is still out, but the final reviews should be in soon.

It’s not the first time shoppers have gone gaga for a budget knock-off.

Earlier this month, Aldi released a Dyson alternative for just $100, though shoppers were similarly divided over the quality.

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