Kmart 'saves' woman's 21st with epic grazing table essentials

There’s rarely a time when Kmart doesn’t come to the rescue if you’re on the hunt for bargain homewares or party supplies.

And one woman has praised the budget retailer for ‘saving’ her 21st birthday party, after she was able to scoop up a variety of grazing boards, vases and table runners for her big day.

grazing table for a birthday party
A woman has been praised online for creating this grazing table using Kmart supplies. Photo: Supplied

Taylah Mills created an epic birthday grazing board which has been hailed as ‘awesome’ and ‘impressive’ online by others eager to copy her genius move.

The NSW woman told Yahoo Lifestyle that she lives close to a regular Kmart and a 24 hour one, and attributes that to saving her birthday.


Taylah knew that due to the coronavirus pandemic, many Kmarts were low on stock so she decided to hit them up late at night when they restocked to make sure she got her hands on the boards that she needed.

Grazing table made with Kmart supplies
Taylah bought the supplies for the table in Kmart. Photo: Supplied

“I knew that during the start of the pandemic I couldn’t get a lot of items I wanted for work so having both so close by was how it saved my birthday" she said.

“I was able to get doubles of all my boards to make it a perfect day.”

How to create a grazing board
She went to the 24 hour Kmart to make sure she got the boards as they were restocked. Photo: Supplied

She ended up choosing a number of boards to suit her ‘rustic country’ themed birthday party, with each of them looking stunning in the outdoor party space.

All up, the chocolate fountain, table runners, vases and grazing boards cost her between $200 - $400, along with a balloon ring set up inside the house for photo opportunities and a duel drink dispenser that was used to make cocktails.

As for the styling, it helped that her mother has a business specialising in grazing platters and boards.

Taylah’s post online has received rave reviews, with people hoping to emulate the idea for their own birthday parties.

“OMG I’m in love,” one person wrote, with another saying: “Looks divine”.

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