Kmart's $15 tray table becomes work from home must-have

Kristine Tarbert
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kmart folding tray table
This $15 tray table has become very popular. Photo: Kmart

As more and more of us settle into an unknown period of working from home amid the global coronavirus pandemic, Kmart shoppers have found a handy little product to help change up their home office a little from time to time.

A simple $15 Kmart tray table is doubling as a makeshift desk so you can not only remain in your PJs but also work from the comfort of your bed.

One fan of the tray shared a photo of her home office on a Kmart Hacks Facebook group, and the idea quickly got plenty of people excited.

“Not really a hack but brought the Kmart folding tray today. It's perfect to sit my laptop on whilst I'm in bed. Also could be used as a cheese platter! So obsessed!” she wrote.

kmart tray table work from home desk
Shoppers shared their home office photos online. Photos: Facebook

The Folding Serve Tray is available for $15 online and in store, with plenty of shoppers sharing their own photos, with some having already been using the tray as a table for a while.

“I bought one today! Absolutely amazing I used it for a make-up stand in front of my mirror today and also for my lap top!' another added,” one person commented.

“I've had one of these for over a year, perfect for a large tablet watching tv in bed cos you can watch it very close with room for a glass of wine,” another raved.

Kmart is an internationally recognised discount retailer
The tray table is available online and in Kmart stores. Photo: Getty

A few people however warned that working from your bed long-term isn’t a good idea.

“I recently worked from home for about 6 months and I can tell you doing work from your bed is a freaking stupid idea. Imagine not moving from your bed for about 30 hours?? No thanks.”

“I usually work form home. Let me suggest, this is not a great idea. You need to get up, get dressed, start at a "work time" in a dedicated area of the house you've set up for work, and then "clock off" and relax,” another warned. “If you start lounging around and working from your bed, you'll eventually go crazy in a blurry work-home time warp where your whole house feels like "work" and you become really inefficient.”

“If you have any hint of lower back problems, sitting up in bed for hours will make them worse,” was another comment.

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