King Charles’ Fortune Reigns Supreme Over Queen Elizabeth Despite Costly Health Woes

Queen Elizabeth and now-King Charles

Just under two years as the king of England, King Charles has more than surpassed his mother's wealth–despite the fact that she was queen for longer than any other monarch in history!

The news comes from the 2024 Sunday Times Rich List, which has been documenting Britain's most wealthy individuals for decades, and shows the monarch as tied for the 258th position on the list, with £610 million to his name—up from the £600 million last year that had him tied for 263rd.

In addition to the sum he inherited from his late mother—a number that’s never been made public—and the royal properties at Sandringham, which is facing big changes, and Balmoral, which he recently made an unprecedented decision about that will likely further increase his wealth, the King reportedly has his own investments that have amounted to about £120 million.

According to the publication, he benefited from the income from the Duchy of Cornwall, a billion-pound estate, as the Prince of Wales, saving carefully over the years. Now, as monarch, he benefits from the Duchy of Lancaster, a hundreds-of-million pounds estate.

All in all, it's almost double his mother's final estimated net worth, which came in at £370 million on the same list in 2022, despite a rash of health concerns over the last several months, including an enlarged prostate and an unspecified cancer requiring treatment, although, funnily enough, his godson, Hugh Grosvenor, aka the Duke of Westminster, clocks in far above him at number 15 on the list this year.

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