KFC cult menu favourite returns - but there's a big catch

Potato lovers rejoice – KFC has announced the return of a much-loved, cult menu item to select Australian stores after a decade-long hiatus.

Original Mashies, which are deep fried balls of delicious mashed potato coated in KFC’s signature herbs and spices, have returned to the fast food restaurant’s menu... but not everywhere.

After rumblings on social media, a KFC spokesperson was delighted to confirm to Yahoo Lifestyle that Original Mashies have returned to stores across Tasmania.

KFC original mashies alongside KFC restaurant drive through
KFC has confirmed the return of Original Mashies in Tasmanian stores. Source: KFC/Getty

“We’re always looking to delight our fans by introducing tasty new treats or bringing back cult favourites,” said the spokesperson.

“We are currently offering the Original Mashies to the lucky folk of Tassie, but mainlanders should keep an eye out to see whether this golden favourite makes its return to KFC menus nationwide," the spokesperson added.


While Tasmanians can enjoy the return of Original Mashies, the rest of Australia will have to keep their fingers crossed that the potato-filled goodies will make a comeback in the future.

A brief history of KFC Original Mashies

KFC’s Original Mashies first arrived on Aussie menus back in 2009 and were an instant hit among customers, who gobbled them up by the thousands.

But fans were disappointed as KFC’s Mashies were only available for a short time and were eventually pulled from the fast-food chain’s permanent menu.

After years of tireless campaigning, which included emails, phone calls, Tweets and petitions, KFC relaunched their beloved potato balls in 2017 – this time with a twist.

Gravy Mashies spill out of a KFC box
Gravy Mashies were rolled out to 600 Australian KFC stores in 2017. Source: KFC

The new and improved Gravy Mashies were rolled out to 600 Aussie KFC stores in 2017, featuring the same crusted potato bites fans came to know and love – except this time with a warm KFC gravy filling in the centre.

KFC’s Gravy Mashies proved so popular that KFC sold more than 130,000 of the yummy snacks in the first fortnight they were available.

But even the Gravy Mashies were not enough to placate hungry fans of Original Mashies, with many customers petitioning to “Bring back KFC Mashies” on both and Facebook.

KFC customers celebrate return of Original Mashies

Since whisperings of the return of KFC Original Mashies began to spread on social media, devotees have shared their excitement.

“KFC Mashies are back!” Tweeted one excited fan.

“So Tassie can’t get an AFL team but they do get the return of the original KFC mashies OMG,” Tweeted another.

Original Mashies spill out of a KFC box
KFC fans are sharing their excitement over the return of Original Mashies on social media. Source: KFC

Meanwhile non-Tasmanian customers took to Twitter and Facebook to voice the anger over the injustice they claim is occurring by Mashies not being included on their KFC menus.

“I was just talking about how much I miss KFC Mashies and found out they’re coming back... only in Tasmania!” lamented one fan on Twitter.

“NOOOO! I love these. I want them back in NSW,” wrote another customer on Facebook.

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