Fitness star Kelsey Well's simple trick to save you hours meal prepping

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Not everyone loves spending hours in the kitchen. Photo: Getty

Hands up if you’ve ever given meal prepping a good hot go, but quit after three weeks because ‘I want my Sundays back!’

Unless you really love cooking, or have just seamlessly been able to introduce meal prepping into your weekly routine, it can definitely be a struggle.

But fitness star and Sweat trainer Kelsey Wells has shared a really simple trick to drastically cut down on time spent in the kitchen.

“I really don’t enjoy cooking it’s not a love of mine,” Kelsey tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I don’t have a lot of time and the time I have I don’t prefer to spend in the kitchen so I keep things basic.”

Fitness star Kelsey Wells shares her tip to save time on meal prepping. Photo: Instagram/kelsey wells

Rather than slave away and try and fill her fridge with meals for the entire week, the mum has a much easier approach.

“I’m always short on time for dinner and I’m not huge on meal prepping, but I do pre prep protein sources,” she explains.

“So on Monday or Sunday I will grill chicken breast through to Wednesday, so I have a bunch of grilled chicken chopped or shredded ready to use, and I can toss that with veggies for dinner, add it into a salad bowl, put it in a taco.

“Having my protein sources prepped makes it very easy to eat clean and on the go. It’s like making your own fast-food.”

You don't have to meal prep entire meals. Photo: Getty

Kelsey says she also keeps a lot of fresh food on hand for snacking, and makes sure her meals will take less than 15 minutes to prepare.

“I can’t spend hours in the kitchen. But what I love is how eating clean makes me feel, so even if I don’t want to do it I ultimately feel better for it,” she tells us.

However, as many of us embark on setting up the typical New Year’s resolutions we may struggle to actually stick to, and doctors warn agains crash diets, Kelsey also shared an important on her Instagram on NYE warning people against rushing into setting goals for 2020.

“I don’t want you to make goals,” she says in the emotional clip.

“Before you go off and start making your grand goals, stop. Because every goal has to first begin with self belief and self belief starts with self acceptance. You are already so much more powerful and stronger than you think and it might have nothing to do with fitness.”

As she refers to in the clip, Kelsey herself has undergone a huge transformation over the past few years, but says she did it by gradually changing small things one at a time.

“I never cut everything out. The most unhealthy thing you can do in your diet is lay on guilt over something you’ve eaten,” she says.

“In the beginning I drank a lot of soda so my goal was to choose to drink more water than soda, then it changed to only having a soda on the weekend or when I go out, and so my normal became water.

“Then I picked something else and that became part of my new normal. And five years later I have a completely different diet and way of eating than I had back then.”

Kelsey regularly shares food diaries with her 2.1 million followers on Instagram, and has recently launched her new PWR at Home program through the Sweat app.

But she does stress that people need to remember one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to nutrition.

“I eat a diet high in protein, lots of veggies and minimal sugars and refined foods, but I don’t actively cut out anything. I just choose foods that will make me feel the best. And I indulge in ‘less nutritious’ foods sparingly.

“For lunch I always do salads - and I’m not talking about a bowl of lettuce.

“It’s literally a collection of everything that’s in my fridge. I might have left over chicken from dinner and then i’ll add in a bunch of chopped veggies, some cheese, a balsamic dressing, maybe quinoa and lettuce.”

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