TV Tradie Tells: The Number ONE secret to staying warm this winter

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Trusted TV tradie Adam Dovile is bringing out his best winter tips to make sure you keep yourself cosy though the cold nights ahead, from small changes to big power moves.

And Adam knows his stuff. He and wife Lisa won House Rules in 2014, before the builder bagged himself a Logie then landed a gig as cheerful chippie on Better Homes and Gardens.

So, if your home is already feeling drafty, or the fresh rush of cold air has you running for the thick jumpers; or if facing the possibility of a winter spent in isolation gives you the shivers, Adam is here with his best advice for a comfortable stay at home this winter.

And his number #1 way to avoid suffering through a cold snap? Natural Gas, says Adam.

“Right now, we all need to think about preparing our homes for winter,” Adam says. “We’re all spending a lot more time at home, so I thought I’d share my advice for making your home a lot cosier and comfortable with Natural Gas.”

Adam’s favourite ways to use natural gas in the home:

1. Opt for a small change that still has a big impact. Adam’s advice? A fireplace

“Go for flued heating, like a natural gas fireplace,” says Adam. “Mine is the heart of my household in winter. Natural gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles to fit into your existing look and they come in different sizes to suit your budget. As an added bonus, this can actually add value to your home if you’re renovating.”

2. Not ready for a reno? Try a portable gas heater

“If you’re not ready to take on a reno right now, think about getting a portable gas heater. I find them an efficient and cheap way to keep rooms warm. It’s a really easy way to keep your family warm and comfortable at home during the colder months.”

3. Get into some hot water! Endless hot showers, on tap

“One of my favourite things about natural gas in the home is that my family have instant, endless hot water,” Adam says, adding that in lockdown days reliable hot water is a great option for washing hands, and of course hot baths and showers at home throughout winter.

“A natural gas hot water system gives you instant and continuous hot water at the twist of a tap,” he says. “You'll never run out - even if you’re the last one to shower at night like me. The wide range of systems available means there’s a solution to suit every kind of home.”

4. Cook it with gas!

From a family feast to a romantic night in, a gas cooktop gives you an extra layer of cooking control and takes the flavour to take familiar foods to a new level. Adam adds an impressive touch with his wok burner, any gas cooktop will allow the chef more speed and control so delicious, warming food is ready in a flash.

“For Dad cooking nights, I love using a gas cooktop with a wok burner,” Adam tells. “Instant heat, faster cooking, and complete control to adjust temperatures quickly makes me feel like a proper chef and I end up enjoying cooking so much more. It’s a great addition to the kitchen and an amazing appliance to have in the home. I wouldn’t be without it.”

5. Enjoy the great outdoors, all year round

A small-scale reno for your outdoor space can extend your outdoor entertaining season right through winter, says Adam, who is actually doing his own winter reno right now!

“I’m in the middle of renovating our pool,” he says. “It’s going to be gas heated so my family can use it comfortably all year round. It’s definitely worth considering if you have a pool.”

It enhances your outdoor living area and extends the time you can spend outdoors.”

Adam’s other top outdoor reno suggestions? Install a natural gas BBQ and outdoor heating. “Natural gas BBQs are a great way to keep the family entertained and have fun dining experiences all year round,” Adam says. “With the option of either built-in or freestanding, natural gas BBQs offer flexible cooking that is easily and quickly controlled. Tack on some outdoor gas heating and you can comfortably have that alfresco lifestyle all year round!”

So, there you have it! According to the experts, the lifestyle benefits of Natural Gas in the home are more relevant than ever in winter, given we’re spending so much time at home.

Try out his tips, because with Natural Gas, as Adam says, “Once you’ve got it… you’ll get it!”

Transform your home with Natural Gas appliances.