Kayla Itsines on how to create your own at-home workout

When it comes to getting people motivated to workout from home, Kayla Itsines could definitely be considered an expert.

The Sweat trainer, who recently shared two weeks of free BBG workouts with Yahoo Lifestyle, has revealed her top tips for creating your own super simple at home session, and yes, you can even do it in your PJs.

kayla itsines
Kayla Itsines shares her at home workout tips. Photo: Instagram/kayla_itsines

Kayla says now more than ever staying active at home is important for not just our physical health but also our mental health.

“I’m a trainer so I’m going to tell you that working out is important,” Kayla tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It’s about doing something my future self will thank me for, this isn’t the way of life forever, this is a temporary situation, and we need to do things now that we can thank ourselves for later.”

Tips for creating an at-home workout

Kayla’s go-to workout style is circuit based training and she says it’s super simple to create an at-home workout yourself.

“If you’re at home and you’re wondering how do I get a good workout in, write down 8 exercises that you know and love - think squats, push ups,” she tells us.

“Write them down, then split them four on one side, four on the other. Run a seven minute timer and do the first four for seven minutes, and then do the other four for seven minutes.

“It doesn’t have to be high intensity exercises, it’s just done at a high intensity pace. And you have your own reps, if you can’t do 15, do 5 or 10.

“A lot of people say, they don’t have a dumbbell or a skipping rope, and you don’t need it. You’re at home. workout in your PJs, you can do so many things.”

kayla itsines at home workout
Kayla says to think of 8 exercises you know and love and go from there. Photo: Instagram/kayla_itsines

Kayla will also be hosting free live virtual workouts for fans - Monday Night Meetups - every Monday at 6pm on the Sweat Facebook Page for the next four weeks to help people with their at home workouts.

“At the moment I was meant to be in the States on tour so that has been hard,” Kayla tells us.

“I love my bootcamps and meeting my community, that’s my favourite thing to do, so that’s been challenging [at the moment].”

Tips for working out with kids

As a mum herself, Kayla also knows it can be difficult to get a workout in when you have little ones running around the house that require attention.

That’s where she says having a workout under 30 minutes is perfect.

“There are really three options for me - and if you have kids. One, I get my kid involved, whether she be watching or crawling around me while i’m doing it,” Kayla explains.

“Two, I design an activity for her to do for half an hour next to me while i workout.

“Or three, which is my go-to pick, workout when she is asleep, which is not an ideal time for me, but I want that time for myself, so I make it a priority and I want women to do that.”

kayla itsines workout tips
As a mum she tries to workout with Arna. Photo: Instagram/kayla_itsines

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