Katy Perry wore a spaceship as a top – then had a wardrobe malfunction

katy perry metal top wardrobe malfunction
Katy Perry has wardrobe malfunction in metal top@katyperry - Instagram

After announcing this season would be her last as a judge on American Idol, it's perhaps no surprise Katy Perry has been bringing it with her outfit game. Don't get us wrong, she's always been a style icon in our eyes. Her orange mesh corsage cut-out see-through dress for last year's grand finale of the singing competition ticked off four major trends in one 'fit. But as of late, she's really been pushing the boundaries.

We're talking about her corset dress layered over flared trousers for a controversial Y2K twist, her '70s-inspired beaded halter top that was giving retro car seat flashbacks and her pom pom dress that even Katy herself acknowledged looked like a car wash in a hilarious photoshopped pic shared to Instagram.

So of course her latest ensemble continues on this quirky theme. Check it out for yourself:

Wearing a sculptural metal one-shoulder crop top shaped to look like a shark swimming across her chest, Katy's custom Kate Barton design was styled with a coordinating maxi skirt. Wet-look hair nodded to the sea creature while her statement silver earrings and mirrored manicure leant into the sci-fi chic aesthetic for a clashing elemental vibe.

Katy's top has drawn comparisons to everything from a spaceship, a ship's anchor, a car bumper and the Tin Man in the comments section, but her fiancé Orlando Bloom wins the award for best comment IMO, hilariously writing under her post, "Glad I could bend that frying pan with my bare hands for you baby 🔥❤️🛸".

If the garment hadn't already garnered enough attention though, Katy went on to suffer a major wardrobe malfunction when it seemingly broke during filming.

Sharing an on-set video, a number of crew members with wrenches, pliers and other tools worked on the back of Katy's top as she could be heard saying, "I need my top to stay on. If it's not fixed, this show is gonna get more than it wanted."

However, after one contestant had finished performing, the camera pans to Katy to see her clutching her top to her chest as she explains, "That song broke my top off". In an effort to protect her modesty, she crouches under the judges' desk and then holds a pillow over her torso saying, "It's a family show." Her fellow judges can be heard in the background jokily shouting, "Ratings, here we come!".

We don't know what we love more, Katy's fashion game or her sense of humour.

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