Kath & Kim gets a reboot 15 years later: 'TV's biggest secret'

Kath & Kim is one of the most-loved Australian comedy series of all time, and fans have been calling for a reboot ever since it wrapped up in 2007.

According to Woman’s Day, the series is set to return, supposedly hitting our screens next year via a streaming platform.

Kath and Kim on the set of their show, Kim is holding a washing basket, Kath is in a pink jersey.
Kath & Kim fans have been calling for a reboot ever since the show ended in 2007. Photo: ABC

A Melbourne home used as the main location for the show has been visited regularly by crew members, neighbours say.

“It was unimaginable neighbours could keep TV’s biggest secret under wraps much longer,” the source explained.

It’s believed that an official announcement will be made later this month, and that the reboot is already in pre-production.

The show aired on the ABC from 2002 to 2005, and on Channel Seven in 2007, with the show about a dysfunctional mother and daughter relationship quickly becoming a cult favourite.


Kath and Kim on the set of their show, holding wine.
The show was extremely popular and has continued to gain fans. Photo: ABC

While most cast members have shut down any talk of a reboot over the past few years, Jane Turner, who played Kath and co-created the series has been open to the idea.

The star confessed to TV Week that if the show made a comeback, the comedy would need to be modernised and updated.

“It would be very different now. There are always funny new trends and things Kath and Kim could put their spin on, which would be fun to do,” she explained.

Kath and Kim on the set of the show, Kim mis eating a potato chip while smoking a cigarette.
The reboot has been one of TV's biggest kept secrets. Photo: ABC

Fans of the show are really excited by this news, with one writing on social media: “Dreams do come true!”

“I swear every time I watch episodes of Kath & Kim and hear that squeaky sliding door and they’re in that kitchen, it’s like being home. I can’t wait!” added another.

“Shut up and take my money!!!” a fan wrote excitedly.

“LOOK AT MOI,” one wrote, referring to one of the series’ most loved quotes.

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