Kate Ritchie's 'appalling' behaviour confession

Amy Stevenson

She can hold her own against her co-hosts, but Kate Ritchie has confessed she thought her behaviour playing Quick Draw against Karl Stefanovic was "appalling".

Chatting to news.com.au, the former Home and Away star joked about her behaviour while playing the game, where she was looking to redeem herself against Stefanovic, on Nova'sKate, Tim and Marty Show. Watch Ritchie battle it out against theToday show host in the clip above.

"It was very important for me to win against Karl," Ritchie told the outlet. "He is a smarty pants, let’s be honest. I would have to say that he and Joel Creasey are the people that give me the greatest joy when I beat them because they’re both very good, Joel in particular."

Kate Ritchie confessed to
The radio host can hold her own against her co-stars. Source: Getty

The game, which has become one of the most popular segments on the national drive time show, involves co-host Tim Blackwell giving the mother-of-one and a celeb guest a category and a letter, with the first person to yell out an answer getting a point. The first to three points wins.

It's the second time Ritchie has battled Stefanovic, with the 43-year-old journalist defeating her back in May.

However the radio star admitted even she thought her behaviour was "appalling" as she looked for redemption in the second round of Quick Draw, despite the lightheartedness of the segment.

The pair battled it out for a second time. Source: Nova
Kate said she wants to show

"The boys give me a hard time about being ‘anti-ladies’ in the studio which is absolutely false," she added to the outlet.

"But I have to say, it’s what makes me most nervous because maybe I have a little more respect for the women that step inside the Kate, Tim and Marty studio. I know that my behaviour playing Quick Draw is appalling and I’m fine to act that way in front of the blokes, but I’d like to pay the women a little bit more respect."

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