Kate Middleton’s Uncle: Princess “Getting Best Care Imaginable,” Plus What ‘The Crown’ Got Wrong

Kate Middleton’s uncle says the princess is getting “the best care imaginable” as she continues with her medical treatment.

Gary Goldsmith’s interview with The Times of London was published Saturday, but was recorded on March 14, a week before his niece’s announcement that she was having chemotherapy treatment following abdominal surgery in January.

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Goldsmith revealed he had phoned his sister, Kate’s mother Carole, before his controversial entry into the Celebrity Big Brother house last month: “I called Carole before I did CBB. And no, she didn’t read me the riot act like the papers said, didn’t even ask about it. I just asked about how Kate was doing. She’s getting the best care imaginable. Leave her be.”

He also told The Times that Netflix drama series The Crown had got his sister’s character completely wrong, with its depiction in the final series of her machinations to ensure her daughter Kate would mix in the same social and university circles as the teenage William. Goldsmith explained:

“All that stuff about Carole trying to get Kate and William together in a house in Hungerford was bollocks. Yes, my sister is quite cunning and devious. She’s like me — that’s how you run a business. If you haven’t got that wily attitude in you, you are not going to make things happen. But 100 per cent there was no dastardly plan to put William and Kate together.

“And all that stuff about them meeting at St Andrews is wrong too. They met at school. The Marlborough girls and Eton boys do a lot of stuff together. But even when there were events where Kate knew William would be there, she sometimes didn’t go. Always puts family first, that girl.”

Self-made businessman Goldsmith refers to himself as Kate’s “buncle” – short for “bad uncle” in a reference to his notorious party-loving lifestyle, which once included a villa in Ibiza he called ‘Maison de Bang Bang’, where he first met future king Prince William.

He reflected in The Times: “I’m the uncle to the future queen of England and yet the perceptions I want to change are that I’m this wife-beating, drug-dealer pimp.”

Kate has been out of the public eye for the last two months, and speculation about her condition had reached high levels, before she recorded the video message which was released Friday evening in the UK. In the message, she said she and husband William had been taking the time to explain the situation to their three young children, to reassure them she would be okay, and she asked for “time, space and privacy” to continue her recovery.

Goldsmith recently became one of the housemates in the UK’s revamped Celebrity Big Brother series. However, despite the hype surrounding his participation on the show and speculation as to what he might say about the royal family, he stayed for just the first week and kept his counsel on his famous in-laws.

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