You could be Kate and Wills' new neighbour, but there's one catch

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Kate and Wills will soon be welcoming a new next-door-neighbour. Photo: Getty Images

Kate and Wills could be throwing a welcome to the block party very soon.

A cottage property next door to their Anmer Hall country residence in the royal Sandringham estate is on the market, ready for one lucky renter.

The property has been listed by Sandringham’s official site as now available for lease, and is situated right next door to the impressive mansion that houses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, when they escape the big smoke.

Kate and Will's Anmer Hall on the Sandringham Estate is open to a new neighbour. Photo: Getty Images

Though it sits in the shadow of the Cambridges 10-bedroom manor home, the house is a modest slice of the royal pie - a two bedroom cottage sitting at the end of a row of terrace houses.

The official listing describes it as a two-bedroom property with a large garden, off-road parking and it’s newly refurbished.

The 2 bedroom property at 20 Cherry Tree, Anmer is a stones throw from the Cambridge residence. Photo: Sandringham Estate

The privilege to live in the royal shadow will set back prospective renters £700, or just over AUD$1,200 a week.

The listing also warns that the house contains ‘steep stairs’, an apt manifestation of the inevitable proximity but unattainability of your future neighbours, should you sign.

Strict rules

Those looking to apply must be warned however that the property site’s guidelines contain some interesting tidbits about the estate’s tenant selection process.

You’re unlikely to nab the pad if you plan on using it as a getaway - the property management prioritises those who live and work locally to encourage the homes be used as primary residences.

The estate will consider dogs on a case y case basis. Photo: Getty Images

Those with cats need not apply, but dogs will be considered on a case by case basis.

We’re betting that if one was to bring some Corgis into the mix they would be welcomed with opened arms, and may even secure a royal doggie date.

That said, if you’re a stage five royal clinger looking to get a scoop on your new neighbours, think again.

The site states that they are not about to let any old riffraff into the fold - homes are let to whichever prospective tenant is ‘best suited to the property’.

AKA if you’re planning on setting up a watch tower on top of the chimney to track Will and Kate’s every move like the Veronica Mars wannabe you are, think again.

A very royal neighbourhood

The two-bedder up for grabs is nestled in the expansive Sandringham estate.

The estate includes Sandringham House, the property that has been a primary country residence for royals for four generations.

Sandringham House is currently the Queen’s main residence outside of London.

Kate and Wills were gifted their 10-bedroom country manor, Anmer Hall, by the monarch as a wedding present.

The pair initially lived at the address when George was a baby but later moved back to Kensington Palace where they now live full time.

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