Why Meghan and Kate haven’t spoken 'directly' in over a year

Despite being royal sisters-in-law, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have not 'spoken directly' in over a year according to a Us Weekly source.

The insider revealed that, while the duchesses were 'never that close,' the silence between the two is due to the tension between their respective husbands, Princes William and Harry.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend day twelve of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 14, 2018 in London, England.
A royal source claims sisters-in-law Meghan and Kate (pictured at Wimbledon in 2018) haven’t spoken 'directly' in over a year. Photo: Getty Images.


"[Kate and Meghan] were never that close, but the reason they’re not speaking is because of the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William," the source said.

They went on to claim that the brothers had communicated 'sparingly' over the past 12 months and that their animosity for one another has 'spilled over' to their wives, making it hard for them to be friendly, too.

Meghan: 'Kate made me cry'

The insider's claims follow Meghan's explosive tell-all interview with Oprah in which she dropped several bombshells about the Duchess of Cambridge.

The former Suits star set the record straight on past rumours that she had brought Kate to tears in the lead up to her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.

Meghan told Oprah that it was "the reverse" that had happened, with Kate making her cry over a flower girl dress.

"A few days before the wedding [Kate] was upset about something. Pertaining to... the issue was correct about flower girl dresses. And it made me cry," she said.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton
Meghan Markle has revealed a headline about herself and Kate Middleton was actually wrong and that Kate had made her cry before her wedding, not the reverse. Photo: Getty

Meghan said that she forgave Kate after she 'owned it and apologised' with a gift of flowers and a note. She decided to 'protect' Kate by keeping the truth to herself and was 'shocked' when the 'Meghan made Kate cry' story began circulating six months after her wedding.

"What was hard to get over was being blamed for something that not only I didn’t do, but that happened to me. And, and the people who were part of our wedding going to our comms team and saying, 'I know this didn’t happen.' I don’t have to tell them what actually happened," the duchess explained.

Oprah questioned why, if those in the royal family knew the truth, no one including Kate made efforts to correct the story that was being plastered across front pages around the world.

Meghan asserted that her sister-in-law was a 'good person' and speculated as to why she didn't come forward and put things right.

"[...] Look I would hope that [Kate] would have wanted that corrected and maybe in the same way that the palace wouldn’t let anybody else negate it, they wouldn’t let her because she’s a good person," she said.

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte at Meghan and Harry's wedding
Meghan revealed Kate said something to her about the flower girl dresses that made her cry, but she later apologised and Meghan forgave her. Photo: Getty

Additional reporting by Marni Dixit.

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