Kate Middleton reveals adorable reason Prince George is jealous of Princess Charlotte

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Kate Middleton has appeared on the UK's This Morning show to talk about her new project with the National Portrait Gallery during the coronavirus pandemic and gave some insight into how Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been handling homeschooling.

The Duchess of Cambridge was asked how she was coping during these strange times, she said, "Fine, thank you. It's extraordinary. I'm sure you're experiencing the same yourselves and your families and things.

Kate Middleton has revealed the adorable reason Prince George is jealous of Princess Charlotte. Photo: Kensington Palace

"We're stuck into homeschooling again. They're unprecedented times really. But no we're fine, thank you for asking."

Speaking about homeschooling, Kate revealed, "George gets very upset because he just wants to do all of Charlotte’s projects. Spider sandwiches are far cooler than literacy work.”

She also revealed that she, like many of us, has been using FaceTime to keep in touch with loved ones.

Kate Middleton appeared on the UK's This Morning to talk about her new project with the National Portrait Gallery. Photo: ITV

"It’s really hard and we hadn’t done a huge amount of FaceTime but we’re doing that a lot more now," she said.

"We try to check in daily with family members and speak to them about the news so in some way we got a lot more contact than before, but it’s hard to explain to a five and six-year-old what’s going on, but we have the support out there from schools."

Kate spoke about the adorable portrait of son Prince Louis that she took for his second birthday, joking, "I should’ve taken a photograph of what I looked like after taking that picture of Louis," adding, "Luckily that wasn't documented."

The Duchess spoke about her love of photography, saying, "I’m very much an amateur photographer, but I take a lot of time now to pick my camera and take pictures of the kids."

"It’s not about setting it up perfectly or clearing your home for the studio set up, but it’s capturing that moment, feeling or expression to tell that story."

Speaking about the inspiration for her community photo project for the National Portrait Gallery, called Hold Still, she said, "We've all seen incredible images and seen uplifting and sad stories, I really hope this project can showcase and document this moment in time that we're all experiencing."

Hold Still will showcase the work those on the frontline are doing to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

"We've all been struck by the most amazing images that have come out that we're going through desperately sad times. Those working on the front line are going through tragedy and hardships, it's all those in the community and front line showing their amazing dedication."

She added, "Small acts of kindness go such a way, so I think it's great to capture positive stories."

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