Kate Beckinsale Returns To Red Carpet For The First Time Since Hospital Stay

Kate Beckinsale Returns To Red Carpet For The First Time Since Hospital Stay

Kate Beckinsale has returned the red carpet, after what appears to have been a challenging few months dealing with a serious health journey.

The actress, 50, appeared at the inaugural King's Trust Gala in New York City on May 2, rocking a sculpted, one-shoulder transparent gown. She paired the dress with a black bow and bejeweled green clutch.

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During the past year, Kate has lost both her stepfather and her cat, Clive, in addition to falling ill herself. On the carpet, she acknowledged it's been a “rough year,” per People.

Details are scarce, but Kate has shared several posts on Instagram of herself in the hospital over recent months. She also recently suggested that she’s been dealing with stomach issues, although she hasn’t publicly revealed a diagnosis.

And while she hasn't confirmed the exact reason behind her hospital stay, she has denied being treated for a ruptured cyst or endometriosis.

If you haven’t been following Kate on social media recently, it’s understandably to have questions—even if you’ve been closely watching her posts. Here’s what we know about her health journey so far.

March 10: Kate says she’s ‘sick’ in a since-deleted IG post

In early March, Kate shared an Instagram post that’s now been deleted to celebrate U.K. Mother's Day. In two of the pictures, Kate can be seen wearing a large black bow on her head while sitting in a hospital bed with tears in her eyes.

“Happy birthday and UK Mother’s Day this last week to my incredible mother,” she wrote in the caption. “Thank you to those that love us and support us when it’s shit and try to make sure there are some bits that aren’t. And for looking after our dogs when we can’t, and lead us to remember happy things when we can’t. And turn up when we are sick and sit with us. And send balloons and check in and pull us out of wells with love.”

Kate also wrote, “happy everything mama. Your fight for joy despite also welcoming tears is the experience of watching a warrior up close. I love you.”

March 12 and March 13: Kate's pets visit her

A few days later, Kate shared that she was still in the hospital. She posted a picture in her Instagram Story, per People, of her Pomeranian Myf hanging in a hospital bed with her. Kate wrote “Visitor” over top—and she did the same thing when her cat Willow came to visit the day before.

kate beckinsale stomach issues
On March 13, Kate Beckinsale shared this Instagram story of her dog Myf visiting her at the hospital.Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

March 31: She celebrates Easter in the hospital

It’s not clear if Kate had a continuous hospital stay or if she was in and out of the hospital, but she also shared a picture of herself wearing bunny socks on the holiday from a hospital bed.

“Happy Easter 🐰🐇🐣,” she wrote in the post, which has since been removed, per People.

April 4: Kate shares more photos from her hospital stay

In early April, Kate shared more photos from the hospital, including a picture of herself posing alongside her friend, Jonathan Voluck. The two wore peanut-themed headbands as they posed for the camera.

kate beckinsale hospitalized
Kate Beckinsale and friend Jonathan Voluck pose in a hospital room. Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

“🥜🥜🌈🌈🖕🏻😢🌈🌈🥜🥜,” she wrote in the caption, per People. Kate also shared a photo of a rainbow in the sky, followed by a jar with the label, “F---s to give.” That post has also been removed.

April 17: Kate wears a 'Tummy Troubles Survivor' t-shirt

Kate gave the first clue that her health issues are stomach-related in mid-April, when she shared photos of herself posing in a T-shirt that read, “Tummy Troubles Survivor.” (The photos also shoed Myf hilariously wearing mittens that looked like hands on his paws.)

Kate kept the caption simple, writing, “💪🏼 🤍.”

She responded to one of her followers who said that her "ruptured cyst must have taken such a toll" on her. Replying in the comments section of the post, she wrote, "I didn’t have a ruptured cyst since 2019. But thank you so much for your kind wishes x."

April 20: Kate further hints at stomach issues

Kate shared a post about celebrating her late stepfather Roy’s birthday, noting that she’s been unable to take down her Christmas tree because they decorated it together. In her caption, she also referenced having stomach issues.

“Do all the things. Wallow, cry, celebrate, look at the wall in disbelief. Send your mum flowers. Swim in your mind with his idols. Google. Talk to your safe person. Avoid those with not quite enough bandwidth for this,” she said.

She also wrote, “Buy gourmet cookies you can’t eat because your stomach hurts. Maybe eat them anyway. Or don’t,” hinting that she’s still having digestive problems.

She ended on this note: “Laugh and cry when you receive an email from a dentist you took him to once, wishing your dead father a happy birthday. Do it all. Or do none. There’s no map. I’m with you all.”

May 2: Kate returns to red carpet for the first time since her health scare

Kate made her return to the public eye on May 2, appearing on the King's Trust Gala red carpet. She wore a sculpted, one-shoulder transparent gown with a thigh-high slit. Kate paired the dress with a black bow, white platform heels, and a bejeweled green clutch.

“It's been a rough year,” Kate shared with People. “Because my parents have both been unwell and my cat...it's been a bunch of things. So that's why it's nice to come and see friends and have a little perspective. Everyone's had a bit of a rough year, I think.”

Before this, Kate’s last red carpet appearance was in February for the SAG-AFTRA awards. She also appeared at the Golden Globes in January, but finished off the evening visiting her stepfather Roy Battersby in the hospital. Roy, 87, ultimately passed away days later after "a brief period of illness," People reports.

Hope you feel better, Kate!

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