Jupiter Enters Gemini: Tarot Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign

Jupiter in Gemini Tarot Horoscopes

It’s official! The scales of luck and fortune are scheduled to shift—and trust us, you do not want to miss this astro-tea. On May 25, Jupiter—the planet of protection and expansion—leaves Taurus to enter Gemini. From now until June 9, 2025, abundance and success adopt a new flavor. Jupiter in Gemini will inspire a hunger for knowledge, intellectual rapport, and social stimulation. Over the next twelve months, all zodiac signs will adopt new mental tricks, giving birth to new and exciting concepts. We will be all up in our heads, making it crucial to ground to truly manifest these fascinating ideas into reality.

Jupiter Enters Gemini: A Tarot Reading to Attract Abundance

As the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, the zodiac's adventurer, Jupiter has strong ties to nature, always reminding us that the living world is, indeed, the ultimate form of creative abundance and manifestation. We’ve consulted Marcella Kroll’s Nature Nurture Oracle to lend you a hand when having your head in the clouds but your feet firmly on the ground.

<p>Nature Nurture Oracle Deck | Marcella Kroll</p>

Nature Nurture Oracle Deck | Marcella Kroll

Aries: Frog | Detox

Nature’s spirit calls for a full-on purification, Aries. Being an Earth and Water animal, the Frog offers you grounding when you remove old emotions from your body, mind, and spirit. Prepare yourself a salty bath—or even better, have a good cry! This is about fully cleansing yourself first so you can open yourself to the brilliant ideas Jupiter in Gemini has in store for you in the year ahead.

Taurus: Sea Otter | Kinship

Jupiter’s gift to you, Taurus, comes in the form of true friendship and soul connections! Dare to open your heart, as feelings of support and unconditional love are waiting for you, and the people who come into your orbit now have a vital role to play in your life. Like the Sea Otter, enjoy being in good company and basking in all the love that is around you!

Gemini: Serpent | Healing

Jupiter’s visit to your sign sends the clear message that to make the best of this yearly transit, you must first leave the past behind. Go ahead and shed your old skin! The Snake assists you in letting go of the old hang-ups and insecurities so you can re-awaken to your own inner magic. It’s time to leave doubt behind and remember that you are more powerful than you think!

Cancer: Fox | Hiding

During the time Jupiter is in Gemini, you attract luck when adopting a more “observant” approach to life, Cancer. While others might judge you for “disappearing” at times, you are learning to connect with the elements of your environment so you can better understand how life (and manifestation) truly works. Lay low and enjoy blending into your surroundings, like the Fox does.

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Leo: Dove | Forgiveness

Have you been holding a grudge, Leo? If yes, the Dove inspires you to begin seeing it with different eyes, as it might be blocking you from experiencing abundance and the beauty of life. This is not about forgetting, it’s more about letting go of the pain or any feelings of victimization. By practicing compassion and mercy, you attract abundance in the form of real friendships and collaborations that truly want to see you shine!

Virgo: Sleeping Man | Unconscious

This card represents something hidden, asleep, or not yet realized. With Jupiter entering your tenth house of career and public visibility, this could very well be a hidden gift or talent. Spending time in the woods in deep states of meditation can attune you to the parts of yourself that are hidden but ready to come out! Once unveiled, these gifts could catapult your career forward!

Libra: Raven | Magic

The world of esoteric knowledge magnetizes your attention over the next twelve months, Libra. By learning magic, astrology, or divination you remember parts of your spirit that have been dormant, reclaiming your birthright to attain abundance. As you dive into the unknown, the Raven protects you along the way as you open your mind to the wonders that the unseen and intangible world has for you!

Scorpio: Owl | Seer

Magnanimous Jupiter will magnify (yes, even more) your psychic abilities, Scorpio. As the Owl sees at night, you will be able to read what is not being said and the true messages being carried between the lines. Dare to become friends with the invisible, allowing the magical Owl to protect you and show you the way. You might even receive powerful, prophetic messages during meditation and dreamtime.

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Sagittarius: Skull | Rebirth

Nothing is birthed without something else ending—and you, courageous Archer, are being called to say goodbye to the old. By making space in your life, you create the road for something new to be brought by your planet (Jupiter), which always looks out for you. By gracefully saying goodbye to an outdated job, relationship, or identity, you’re celebrating your hunger to experience a new beginning.

Capricorn: Orca | Records

This majestic, sacred animal has the celestial task of keeping the records of humanity. Orca essence is timeless, blending the past with the present and future… During Jupiter in Gemini, you’re invited to visit your past lives as a way to expand your knowledge about your soul’s patterns, vows, commitments—and most importantly, journey. The more you explore your karmic contracts, the more fruitful your future will be!

Aquarius: Water | Emotion

Take a deep dive into the realm of feelings and sensations, Aquarius. While it might be a bit uncomfortable for an intellectual air sign like you, Jupiter’s blessings will find you when you allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of emotions without judging them. Water purifies, heals, and transforms—and by physically immersing yourself in it, you will build a closer connection with your body, too.

Pisces: Elephant | Gratitude

Do you ever count your blessings, Pisces? Practicing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to activate your luck, and the more you practice it, the more sweet moments you will experience over the next year. This card also speaks of being of service as a form of gratitude, as it will allow you to get outside your bubble and experience life from a different perspective.

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