Julio Jones shatters Calvin Johnson's record for fastest player to 11,000 receiving yards

Ben Weinrib
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones continues to rewrite the record books as the best wide receiver of this generation.

After hauling in a 20-yard passing in the closing minutes of the first half of Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans, Jones became the quickest player to reach 11,000 career receiving yards.

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It’s not only impressive that he set a new record. Jones did it in 115 games, which is 12 fewer games than the previous record-holder, Calvin Johnson. He nearly made it in 114 games, finishing last Sunday’s win over the Indianapolis Colts with 10,996 yards.

Jones became the fastest player to reach 10,000 career receiving yards last November, doing it in 104 games, and at that point he “only” crushed Johnson’s record by 11 games. Jones is separating himself even faster from his competition now.

What other records are on the horizon for Julio Jones?

Jones can't be expected to keep up his pace of 96.5 yards per game for the rest of his career, but he's well on his way to shattering plenty of records, including some more this season.

Jones could reasonably break 12,000 yards by year’s end with 11 games to play, and he would absolutely crush Randy Moss’ record of 152 games to reach that point. Even if he took all 16 weeks, Jones would reach that milestone after only 126 games.

All of this points to Jones being on pace to finish second all time in receiving yards, assuming he doesn’t pull a Calvin Johnson and retire early. He entered Sunday just 5,536 yards behind second-place Larry Fitzgerald, who is finishing his final season. That may take Jones only four seasons to match — the exact amount of time he’s under contract after his latest record extension.

Topping Jerry Rice’s all-time record of 22,895 yards is likely too big of an ask though, considering Jones isn't even halfway there and turned 30 in February.

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