Jonathan Ross slammed by daughter over 'toxic' teen diet advice

Uk talk show host Jonathan Ross and wife screenwriter Jane Goldman have received a very public dressing down from none other than their own daughter over their decision to put her on a diet as a child.

The pair who have been married for 32 years and share three children copped it from youngest daughter Honey this week when she slammed her parent’s decision to put her on an ‘absolutely toxic’ diet as a child and teenager.

Honey Ross, Jonathan Ross and Jane Goldman weight loss scandal
Honey Ross has berated parents Jonathan Ross and Jane Goldman for putting her on 'toxic' diets as a teenager. Photo: Getty Images

The 23-year-old is a famously body-positive plus-sized Instagram figure who isn’t shy of sharing a cheeky bikini or near-nude selfie on occasion, and is outspoken in the conversation around diversity of bodies.

Boasting over 30k followers, Honey does not shy away from calling out toxic behaviour when she sees it, and apparently this extends to her own family.

Honey slams ‘toxic diets’ parents encouraged as a teen

Honey ross 'fat' Instagram influencer
Honey has become a well-known body positive Instagram influencer in her own right. Photo: Instagram/honeykinny

Appearing on ITV program Loose Women on Tuesday, the budding influencer revealed that as a child and teenager her parents put her on ‘toxic’ diets in a bid to help her cope with hating her own body.

“They saw me, a teenage girl coming home saying: “I hate my body.”,” she told the panel. “They tried to give me solutions to a problem I brought to them, which was to lose weight.”


“They presented me with diets, and diets, as we know, don’t work and are absolutely toxic.”

Honey Ross plus size diversity image on bikini mirror selfie
These days Honey embraces her true size, and encourages others to do the same. Photo: Instagram/honeykinny

She went on to advise any parents watching to steer well clear of this behaviour, warning them that ‘shaming them’ will do more harm than good.

“My advice to parents is keep that as far away from your children as possible,” she revealed. “If you want them to have a good relationship with food and their bodies growing up, do not shame them.”

Honey reveals pressures of plus-sized life in the limelight

It’s not the first time the young activist has spoken up about her life growing up in the limelight that shone on her famous parents.

Honey Ross bikini photo says growing up in limelight hard as fat woman
Honey has previously spoken about the pressures of growing up in her famous parent's limelight as a 'fat' woman. Photo: Instagram/honeykinny

Dad Jonathan of course famously hosts The Jonathan Ross Show, while mum Jane Goldman is the writer behind X Men: First Class and Kingsman.

On Instagram recently, Honey explained that growing up as she did, she was falsely lead to believe that having a ‘fat’ body – an adjective she insists we should use as freely as we use ‘thin’ as a descriptor – was a problem that needed a solution.

“Growing up in the public eye made me feel like my body was a problem to be solved,” she wrote on Instagram.

Honey Ross in blue lingerie plus sized photo embraces body
These days Honey embraces the fact that its attitudes, and not bodies, that need changing. Photo: Instagram/honeykinny

“With age and experience I have come to realise that my body was never the problem. The problem was much bigger than me and the space I took up in the world. The problem was, in fact, the attitudes that people hold towards bodies.”

Honey hosts a podcast The Body Protest where she discusses her forward-thinking stance on body image, and co-founded The Pink Protest which campaigns for issues like taxes on period products and ending FGM.

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