Jonathan Anderson Already Made a Bag Out of the Viral Loewe Tomato

If you're as chronically online as we are, chances are you've seen the heirloom tomato that went viral in the fashion community for looking "so Loewe," as described by X (formerly known as Twitter) user @homocowboi.

Originally posted by X user @giannarosinaa, the funky-looking fruit is far more concave than one would expect, with smooth, glossy grooves that look as if they were intentionally designed — by Jonathan Anderson, even. We know the Loewe creative director saw it, because he not only reposted @homocowboi's tweet (X?) to his Instagram Stories, but, just three days later, he posted a Reel showing off his latest design seemingly inspired by it.

"Loewe meme to reality," Anderson captioned the video of a bright red heirloom tomato clutch. The produce-shaped object features a gold stem and matching leaves at the top, leading to a closure around the sides of the bag.

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This also ties back to Loewe's existing acidic food assortment: One of its best-selling fragrances is called "Tomato Leaves," and is available as a candle, bar soap, incense, hand wash and more. Moreover, the Spanish luxury house has included heirloom tomatoes similar to the one seen in the widely-shared post in previous marketing for its scents (likely why online audiences made the comparison).

It remains unclear whether Anderson's freshly-made accessory is just a passion project or will be available to shop at some point in the future — though, The Washington Post's Rachel Tashjian Wise tweeted that she spoke to Anderson, and that he said the team "had already made it for next season lol." (Not to get conspirational... but... could this all have been a clever plant to tease the upcoming launch? Or should I just log off?)

Fashionista has reached out to Loewe for comment. We'll update this post if we hear back.

Homepage photo: Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle via Getty Images

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