The joke that shocked The Project panellists

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Peter Helliar is no stranger to cracking a good joke on The Project.

The comedian left his fellow panellists shocked after he made a cheeky quip on Thursday night.

Carrie Bickmore had just finished up the evening news bulletin discussing how having sex on Mars could potentially produce a new subspecies of humans due to the low gravity on the planet.

Peter Helliar left The Project panellists shocked with his joke on Thursday night. Source: Ten

Save it to good ol’ Pete to make a classic Uranus joke.

“If you reckon sex on Mars is hard what about sex on Uranus, that will be really tricky,” he joked. “That’s a very different planet.”

Carrie, Waleed Aly and Rachel Corbett were left lost for words by the joke.

They were lost for words. Source: Ten

“We’re just going to leave that now,” Carrie eventually said.

“You are on your own mate, you are on your own,” Rachel added.

Well, at least the live audience found it funny as they were left howling with laughter.

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