JoJo Siwa Debuts Massive New Arm Tattoo

JoJo Siwa recently debuted some new ink, sparking divided reactions from fans.

The Dance Moms alum debuted the massive new tattoo in a Wednesday, June 17 Instagram post shared by Costello Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Sherman Oaks, Calif. The image she chose was inked on her upper arm at a size large enough to stretch from one side of her shoulder to the other.

In the first image of the tattoo parlor’s two-part Instagram post, Siwa proudly displayed her new arm tattoo for the camera as she kept the sleeve of her shirt rolled up above her shoulder. The reality TV star’s eyes were closed, however, her mouth was open in a large and toothy smile.

The tattoo itself featured an image of a teddy bear with wings. The feathers on the wings were drawn with careful attention to detail, while the intricate aspects of the bear design were mostly focused on the vest the toy wore. Although the bear’s mouth was drawn with a smile, its eyes were hidden behind a black mask.

In the second photo of the tattoo parlor’s post about the “masterpiece,” Siwa posed with the artist who inked it.

The business showed off the 21-year-old’s new body art while giving the singer’s fans a hint about her upcoming album, writing that the tattoo is Siwa’s “new album cover brought to life in ink🧸🖤,” later adding the tattoo artists “can't wait to hear” the new material.

“JoJo you look so happy 🙌 love the tattoo ❤️ can't wait to find out the meaning behind this beautiful piece of art 🔥,” one fan gushed.

“I love it!! 😻,” another fan said as one person dubbed the tattoo “beautiful ❤️.”’

Siwa “is Amazing and her tattoo is amazing,” another fan agreed.

But not everyone was on board with the new image, which one Instagram user described as “Cringey 😬.”

“Im just confused as to how a teddy bear is gonna help her with her adult image 😭,” one person wrote.

“Wowwww crazy!” someone else said.

“She needs more people around her to tell her no 😅,” another fan commented.

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