"Who The Living [Bad Word] Just Booed Me?" JoJo Siwa Popped Off On Audience Members At NYC Pride

JoJo Siwa was really popping off during Pride Month.

JoJo Siwa wears tinted glasses, a trucker hat, a hoodie, and a beaded rainbow necklace while smiling and flashing a peace sign
Bruce Glikas / Bruce Glikas / WireImage

Following the release of her single "Karma" and the infamous dance moves and glam-rock-inspired outfits associated with it, JoJo has gone viral for her wild "bad girl" antics.

JoJo in a detailed Kiss-inspired outfit crouching on a staircase. The costume has metallic elements, fishnet stockings, and dark platform boots
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During her performance at Trixie Mattel's concert event at New York City Pride, JoJo cursed out audience members who booed her performance.

JoJo Siwa performs energetically on stage with dancers during Chicago Pride Fest. She wears a sequined crop top and black shorts with colorful details
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"Who the living fuck just booed me?" JoJo screamed into the microphone at the cheering crowd.

JoJo Siwa performs on an outdoor stage, wearing a vibrant, eye-catching outfit, with a large, enthusiastic crowd reaching out to her
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"Where the fuck did that come from? Which one of you?"

JoJo Siwa performs energetically with a vibrant, bedazzled outfit and rainbow face paint on stage
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"Which one of you?"

JoJo Siwa on stage at a pride event, holding a microphone, wearing a colorful outfit with high-waisted shorts and a crop top, addressing a large, enthusiastic crowd
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In a fan-captured video of the incident, you can hear the people in the audience shout back, "Beat 'em up," in addition to several more boos.

JoJo Siwa onstage
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Right before JoJo continued with her performance, she held up a fan's sign and said, "Respectfully, fuck you."

JoJo Siwa performing on stage in a sparkling, rainbow-themed costume with geometric designs, holding a microphone and pointing outward
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JoJo's set included performances of "Karma" and her unreleased track "Guilty Pleasure." For the unreleased track, she was joined by people gyrating in teddy bear costumes (similar to her recent tattoo).

JoJo Siwa performing enthusiastically on stage, wearing a multicolored outfit with beaded fringe, surrounded by backup dancers in coordinating costumes
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Between cursing out the booing audience members and chugging Fireball whiskey on stage, JoJo is far from her days on Dance Moms.

JoJo Siwa drinking liquor onstage
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It's a no-no to boo JoJo, y'all.