JoJo Announces 'Raw' Memoir “Over the Influence ”About Young Fame, 'Addiction, Generational Trauma' and More

The "Too Little Too Late" singer, who rose to fame as a tween, teases the book as "a cautionary tale that I want to be the one to tell"

JoJo in Sydney in November 2023
JoJo in Sydney in November 2023
  • JoJo has announced her debut memoir, Under the Influence

  • "This is a story of addiction, generational trauma, fame on a developing brain, lies, love, stamina, spirituality, resilience, and reinvention," says the "Too Little Too Late" singer

  • The memoir will be released on Sept. 17 via Hachette Books

Get ready to learn a lot more about JoJo's life.

The "Too Little Too Late" singer, born Joanna Levesque, announced her debut memoir Over the Influence on June 4, and the forthcoming book appears to be a revealing tell-all memoir about her time in the spotlight and so much more.

"This book is for anyone who has ever felt disillusioned, disconnected, but underneath it all DETERMINED to find themselves and a new way of being," wrote JoJo, 33, in a statement about the memoir, out Sept. 17 via Hachette Books.

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The musician and actress explained that she first began working on Over the Influence "a couple years ago," upon realizing the 20th anniversary of her debut album, JoJo, which featured the hit "Leave (Get Out)," was approaching in June 2024.

"This is a story of addiction, generational trauma, fame on a developing brain, lies, love, stamina, spirituality, resilience, and reinvention," continued JoJo's statement. "It's insight into the evolving music industry over the past two decades and a cautionary tale that I want to be the one to tell."

Throughout the writing process, she added, "It's been a trip to look back and see blind spots and patterns and the fear that was the driving force behind many decisions. But also the unbelievable blessings."

<p>Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty</p> JoJo in Los Angeles in March 2024

Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty

JoJo in Los Angeles in March 2024

JoJo began her entertainment career at age 6, appearing on shows like Kids Say the Darndest Things and Destination Stardom before landing a recording contract with Blackground Records and Da Family Entertainment at 12 years old and quickly shooting to fame.

After the release of her second album, 2006's The High Road, she worked on a follow-up project before suing the record labels in 2008 for delaying its release. Over the six years that followed, she filed more lawsuits against the label for damaging her career before a settlement was announced in 2014, and she was released from the contract.

Since then, JoJo has officially released several new projects: 2016's Mad Love, 2020's Good to Know and December Baby as well as 2021's Trying Not to Think About It. Last year, she made her Broadway debut in Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

The performer was raised and originally managed by her mother, Diana, who split from JoJo's late father, Joel, when she was a child. He died in 2015 of drug-related complications, and JoJo has been open about his struggles with addiction.

"My definition of success has gone through several revisions since I started my career at 6 years old," she wrote further in her statement about Over the Influence.

"Today success is about happiness and connection," said JoJo. "Getting to be a part of things that make me proud and allow me to earn a good living. Making memories and sharing wins with loved ones. Having a calm nervous system. Believing in community. Not being in survival move. Growth. My desire in sharing my life experience in this form is to connect with you in a deeper way."

Amy Sussman/Getty JoJo in Los Angeles in November 2021
Amy Sussman/Getty JoJo in Los Angeles in November 2021

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"I wrote every single word of what you will read and I'm NGL — I'm nervous," the Aquamarine star admitted. "It's the most challenging yet meaningful project I've taken on. Thinking about it being in your hands on September 17th is something I can't quite fully grasp yet... but I'm ready as I'll ever be."

In an interview with Bustle about the memoir, JoJo said she's "never written something so long" in the past.

"I’m normally writing three-minute songs. I’m in a season of life where I want to say and do things that scare me a little bit," she told the outlet. "And this scared me because I knew that if I was going to tell my story, that I was going to be grossly raw with it, and very, very honest."

Michael Tran/Getty JoJo
Michael Tran/Getty JoJo

JoJo previously teased the memoir in an interview with PEOPLE around her stint in Moulin Rouge! The Musical at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in New York City.

"I can be Satine at night, write about my life so far during the day and take this period of time to put it all out there and keep moving," she said in April 2023. "I feel like Carrie Bradshaw right now in this city. I am so inspired."

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, please contact the SAMHSA helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.

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