Joe Keery Candidly Details His Encounter With Taylor Swift

'Stranger Things' actor Joe Keery reveals what Taylor Swift said to him during their viral run-in at a recording studio last summer. ABOVE: Joe Keery at 2024 Oscar Party, Taylor Swift at 2024 Golden Globes.

If you ask Joe Keery, no stranger thing has happened than when he received a stunning compliment from Taylor Swift.

The Stranger Things actor and musician known as Djo opened up about the exchange in a conversation he had while appearing on The Spout Podcast.

Keery and Swift's brief run-in occurred in June 2023, the same day they were both spotted at the Electric Lady recording studio in New York City, which sparked collaboration rumors.

"I just happened to be there the day that she was there," the 32-year-old shared on the podcast. "And she’s really nice. I mean, I’ve met her a couple of times."

This time was apparently different, though, as the 14-time Grammy winner initiated a memorable and very sweet exchange.

"Before anything happened with this track, she said, ‘Hey, I really love that track of yours, ‘End Of Beginning,’" Keery revealed of his 2022 hit song. “She just said that she had heard the song and, you know, obviously I’m like, ‘What? You heard that song? How the h--l did you hear that song?'"

"But she’s like a music lover, really. And she’s also so hip to new music and things that are coming out," he explained, noting that he's "not shocked" the 34-year-old pop icon is so on top of everything in the scene–including the work of rising stars like himself.

"And so, I guess it’s not shocking to me because she’s like a big fan of music and just digs around and finds stuff. So, somehow, it came across her desk, and she listened to it and then said that she liked it. Really, really nice of her," he concluded.

Though the collab fans thought they were getting apparently never happened, seeing as Swift is a fan of Keery's style, the possibility of them working on a song together isn't totally out of the question.

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