Photo of young Joe Biden sends fans wild: 'Snack'

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As Joe Biden becomes the 46th president-elect of the United States, there’s one photo in particular of the 77-year-old doing the rounds online, leaving many to rename the new president ‘Joe Bi-Damn’.

The resurfaced grainy snap shows Joe as a young politician, wearing a burgundy shirt with his dark locks tousled to perfection.

Image of Joe Biden at 26 years old
This image of Joe Biden at 26 has been a balm for many a concerned Democrat ahead of today's election. Photo: Twitter

In a year that has so far offered up very few silver linings, the photo of one, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr in his prime as a fresh-faced 26-year-old has been seized upon with all the vigour that months of lockdown tend to trigger.

First shared by the former Vice-President on Instagram in 2016, the photo resurfaced just in time for election day, shared by Democratic supporters eager to celebrate their candidate in all his glory.

“I know how horny we all get in a pandemic, so just a reminder that young Joe Biden was hot af,” comedian Randy Rainbow wrote alongside the snap on Twitter, unleashing a veritable wave of thirsty democrats looking for a thrill.

Image of Tweet reading: “A young Joe Biden lookin' like he'd steal your girl from you with ease."
Photo: Twitter

“A young Joe Biden lookin' like he'd steal your girl from you with ease,” one fan wrote.

“I would text young Joe Biden at 1:27 am,” another person wrote on Twitter.

Screengrab of tweet of photo of Joe Biden "“Silver fox Joe Biden is still sexy as hell. Period."
Photo: Twitter

Others couldn’t help that point out that current-day Biden is not too hard on the eyes either, with a surprising contingent of Biden lovers coming out of the woodworks to argue their case.

“Silver fox Joe Biden is still sexy as hell. Period,” one woman argued.

“To us, 70-year-olds the old Joe Biden is still hot,” another lady pointed out.

Image of tweet reading: “To us, 70-year-olds the old Joe Biden is still hot."
Photo: Twitter

“Hahaha, the man has certainly aged gracefully,” a third agreed. “He’s still got it.”

Since then, superstar Beyonce has also shared the image, with many calling young Joe a ‘snack’ and the photo a ‘thirst trap’ in the comments section.

Other world leaders to get a shoutout on the thread included a young Justin Trudeau who is serving straight up lumberjack vibes as a young Canadian chump.

Image of young Justin Trudeau, young Joe Biden
Young Justin Trudeau also got a shout out. Photo: Twitter

Another honourable mention was given to the late Republican Senator John McCain, and even former Governor Howard Dean got a look in from a number of thirsty fans.

Image of Senator John McCain young
A young Senator John McCain also had some fans. Photo: Twitter
Image of Howard Stern as young man
Young Howard Stern also got some attention on the thread. Photo: Twitter

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