Jock Zonfrillo revealed his 'simple' wish for life just before he died at 46

The MasterChef judge spoke about his plan for the future in what was likely one of his last interviews.

In what was likely his last interview before he tragically died at the age of 46, MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo spoke about wanting to lead a ‘super simple life’ away from ‘the lifestyle you’d expect from a TV person’.

The Scottish chef was found dead at 2am Monday morning at an address on Melbourne’s famous Lygon Street, after police were called to perform a welfare check.

Jock and his fellow judges, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen spoke with News Corp ahead of the 2023 series of MasterChef, which has now been postponed out of respect for Jock and his family.

Jock Zonfrillo in chef whites
Days before his death, Jock Zonfrillo revealed one ‘simple’ wish for his life. Photo: AAP

In the Q&A style interview, Jock revealed all he wished for was to be with his family and pets, living a quiet life in the countryside.

“I’d love to live a super, super simple life,” he said.

“A small house in the middle of nowhere with kids, pets. Just a really simple, uncomplicated life away from everyone.But still part of a community in that remoteness I guess. But not the flashy extravagant lifestyle you’d expect from a TV person.”


When asked what people find surprising about him once they get to know him, Jock replied saying that all it takes to make him smile is a cup of tea.

“I’ll always say yes to a cup of tea. And I mean if you throw in a Tunnock’s biscuit – like a teacake – I’m a very happy man,” he said.

Jock Zonfrillo in a kilt
The 46-year-old said he wanted to live a simple life in the country. Photo: Channel 10

The 46-year-old said his super power was that he was ‘pretty good in any kind of stressful situation’.

“If it’s somebody with blood gushing over their clothes, I don’t freak out. It’s probably also why I’m able to operate on pretty minimal sleep. About four hours a night of solid sleep is the norm for me,” he said.

On Monday, Jock's family released a statement confirming his passing, saying: “With completely shattered hearts and without knowing how we can possibly move through life without him, we are devastated to share that Jock passed away yesterday.

“So many words can describe him, so many stories can be told, but at this time we’re too overwhelmed to put them into words. For those who crossed his path, became his mate, or were lucky enough to be his family, keep this proud Scot in your hearts when you have your next whisky.

Jock Zonfrillo on MasterChef
Jock died on Monday morning, with police not treating his death as suspicious. Photo: Channel 10
Jock Zonfrillo with his wife Lauren and son Alfie
The chef is survived by his wife, Lauren, and his three children. Photo: Instagram/Jock Zonfrillo

“We implore you to please let us grieve privately as we find a way to navigate through this and find space on the other side to celebrate our irreplaceable husband, father, brother, son and friend.”

Channel 10 also released a statement confirmed that the premiere episode of the 2023 season of MasterChef had been postponed.

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