Jimmy Fallon calls Keith Urban 'good sport' about Nicole Kidman's past crush, recalls prank they pulled on her

Kidman revealed in a viral 2015 interview that she once had a crush on Fallon, much to his shock.

Nicole Kidman's surprising on-air admission that she once had a crush on Jimmy Fallon went viral back in 2015 — and it has also become a running joke between the late-night host and Kidman's longtime husband husband, Keith Urban.

In a recent conversation with Deadline Hollywood, Fallon looked back at his memorable Tonight Show interview with Kidman, noting that he was "blindsided" by her comments and the realization that he missed out on a chance to date the Oscar-winning actress.

"What's been fun is running into Keith Urban at all these parties and stuff, who's a really good sport," Fallon said. "I went up to him at the Met Gala and I go, 'Hey, I think we might have dated once?' and he was laughing."

The two even concocted a prank to pull on the unsuspecting Kidman at the gala. "[Urban] goes, 'Nicole's talking to someone across the table. Why don't you go and just hold her hand? She'll think it's me, and then I'll go around the table and wave at her,'" Fallon recalled. "I go, 'I don’t want to get slapped, oh my gosh.'"

He continued: "So I went in, I sat next to Nicole and I grabbed her hand, and she held it like it was Keith's probably. She was kind of rubbing it, and she's having this conversation. Then he went across the table and he's like, 'Hi, Nic.' And she's like, 'What — Jimmy! What are you doing!' I was like, 'It was his idea! It was his idea!'"

In the 2015 interview, Kidman recalled going over to Fallon's apartment for a chemistry test for a potential role in the 2005 movie Bewitched, though the real reason she wanted to visit was because she had a crush on him at the time. Much to the shock of Fallon, he didn't make the greatest first impression.

"You didn't talk at all, and after about an hour and a half I thought, 'He has no interest. This is so embarrassing,'" Kidman said, adding, "I was like, 'Maybe he's gay.'"

<p>Jamie McCarthy/Getty </p> Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Fallon, and Keith Urban on 'The Tonight Show'

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Nicole Kidman, Jimmy Fallon, and Keith Urban on 'The Tonight Show'

The Big Little Lies star returned to Fallon's late-night show the following year, this time bringing Urban along. "Would you ever invite me over to the house?" Fallon asked the country superstar during the joint appearance, to which Urban quipped, "Yeah, I feel quite safe because you have no problem ignoring my wife."

Kidman and Urban wed in 2006 and share two daughters. As for Fallon, he's been married to producer Nancy Juvonen since 2007, and they also have two daughters.

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