Jessica Mauboy reveals how she feels about opening for Christina Aguilera

Jessica Mauboy shares her reaction to the moment she was told she would be opening for Christina Aguilera in Australia.

Video transcript

JESSICA MAUBOY: Oh, my goodness. When my-- when my manager actually texted me because he knows that I don't answer my calls, but he was, like, I have something to share with you. Can you call me back?

And so I called him. And he was like, I think we have something really, really special. I know you're going to die over this. But we just landed a gig, a Christina Aguilera gig.

And I had no idea actually that she was coming. And when-- yeah, when he told me that, I think I-- there was a little bit of a, like, a freeze moment. I was like, and it was like, oh, hang on. wow, she's going to be here.

And it was like, yeah, it was a realization moment of, like, she's going to be here. And I kept thinking of, like, what a girl wants. And I-- and I instantly started singing, who is that girl. I see staring straight back at me, like, full on went through, like, all of her catalog. The "Come On Over" album, the "Reflection" album.

- You perform "Beautiful" on Idol as well, didn't you?

JESSICA MAUBOY: "Beautiful." Like, it really took me back. Yeah, it just felt like all kinds of, like flashback feels of having those moments, and singing with the hairbrush, and you know, singing between the toilet and the bathroom, and making sure that my vocals were literally just bouncing off the tiles. Like, I had a full on moment of going back in my childhood, and going, Christina Aguilera is coming, and I get to be on that stage that she will be on.

And so, yeah, I think, for me, I'm fangirling, like, I-- like everybody else's. And I will have no voice by the end of the night.