Surprising response to Jesinta Franklin's 't*ts and a*se' Instagram comments

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Jesinta Franklin says she's not a 't*ts and a**e' kind of girl. Photo: Instagram/jesinta_franklin

Jesinta Franklin, neè Campbell, has made quite a name for herself as a media personality and model since she represented Australia at the 2010 Miss Universe pageant.

Having made her start almost a decade ago, Jesinta missed the Instagram wave that is helping many young women skip the traditional route and forge their own path to fame – but she’s raised eyebrows with a recent comment about the people who do.

Though the model boasts almost 400k Instagram followers, she may have angered a few of those with comments she made to InStyle magazine, in which she said that she wants to leave a more significant footprint than ‘a page of pretty pictures’.

“I'm never going to be the girl who posts her t**s and a**e on Instagram,” she said. “As much as I'd love to have 10.5 million followers, it's just not me.”

Jesinta has made a buzz herself in the past with her fair share of bikini shots, mainly taken organically or behind the scenes of a brand’s photoshoot, but has since launched her own online platform on which she plans to publish her updates and lifestyle content.

Jesinta's Instagram content seems at odds with her statement. Photo: Instagram/jesinta_franklin

Instagram responds

Not averse to the odd ‘t*ts and a*se’ shot themselves, Instagram famous surfing sisters Ellie and Holly Coffey will always defend their sexy social presence from the never-ending criticism.

“Why can’t we post sexy photos in bikinis and be taken seriously, why does that take away from anything?” Holly told Yahoo Lifestyle in June.

But Ellie has a surprisingly refreshing take on Jesinta’s comments, saying every woman should choose their own path when it comes to their online presence.

“What she said is completely valid,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “If that’s the content she wants to share then that’s her right.”

Ellie Coffey has responded to Jesinta's comments. Photo: Instagram/elliejeancoffey

Ellie is a professional surfer with a cool 1 million followers, and she insists that there doesn’t have to be ‘one type’ of Instagram presence.

“I think the real problem is pitting women against each other,” she said of the reaction to Jesinta’s comments.

“I don’t think it should be a competition,” she said, adding, “When men post they don’t get as much hate as much as women are getting.”

Criticism has often flown thick and fast around women’s social media accounts.

Jesinta explained that she remains cautious when it comes to Instagram as she knows that ‘people seek a lot of validation from it’.

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