New Jersey Mayor Personally Apologizes to Jason and Kylie Kelce After Intense Fan Interaction

Jason and Kylie Kelce

After Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie's vacation in New Jersey got interrupted by an aggressive woman who didn't accept the couple's decision to not take a photo, the mayor of Margate City personally apologized to them.

Mayor Michael Collins shared the message on Facebook, writing, "On behalf of the City of Margate, I'd like to formally apologize to Jason & Kylie Kelce for the experience they had in Margate City over the holiday weekend."

"As a father with young children, I know as well as anyone the importance of a date night with your wife and would like to offer a redo date night with dinner on me," he went on, offering to pay for their next dinner in town.

The incident between the couple and a woman who yelled at Kylie, getting in her face and saying, "You'll never be allowed in this town again," was caught on video and quickly went viral. Many came to the Kelces' defense, appreciating how Kylie handled the situation.

Members of the Margate City community commended the mayor for the message, with one commenting on Facebook calling it a "class move."

"The Kelce's are good people. I can't believe a total stranger would cause a scene like that," said another person, while a few called the woman's actions "embarrassing," echoing Kylie's own words in the moment.

During the newest episode of Jason's podcast with his brother Travis, New Heights, he touched on the topic of the family's trip to New Jersey, but didn't mention the confrontation.

“We went to the beach, had a lot of fun with the girls, ate a lot of beach food. The shore was fun," he said, noting that his and Kylie's three girls, Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett, were with them for the vacation.

Jason went on, sharing positive memories of the trip. "It was good to be out there. It was the first really big weekend out of the year. So all the businesses are back up and running. Like we never left.”

It seems like the Kelces aren't likely to let an angry fan ruin their vacation.

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