Jennifer Aniston, 50, unrecognisable in new photoshoot

Jennifer Aniston is the latest to star on the front InStyle magazine, with five separate covers printed for the publication’s October 2019 Beauty Issue.

But not everybody is happy about one of the actress’s looks.

In the first of the covers posted to InStyle’s Instagram page, the 50-year-old actress is rocking a strapless bra with a number of chunky gold jewels. However, the only thing standing out to readers is Jennifer’s noticeably darker and airbrushed skin.

“Beautiful cover, but why is she ten shades darker than she really is,” one person questioned. Another wrote, “I don’t remember her being this dark.”

Others went so far as to say “This photo editor should be fired”, “Congrats on making her look nothing like herself,” and to suggest “What you did to her on this cover is insulting to her.”

While scrolling through the other covers, one commenter wrote, “At least she isn’t as black on this one — that other picture is horrifying,” referring to the first cover.

Jennifer’s other looks, however, seem more favourable as fans call her “a timeless beauty” and even thank InStyle for the “amazing surprise.”

One person even pointed out that “this woman got better with age.”

Jennifer Aniston covers InStyle magazine
Jennifer's other four covers for InStyle's beauty issue were highly praised. Photo: InStyle

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