Jason Kelce Says Wife Kylie Can’t Stand It When He Enjoys One ’Kelce Pastime’

Jason and Kylie Kelce.

Jason Kelce has admitted to one family tradition that he said his wife, Kylie Kelce, isn’t quite on board with.

On a Friday, May 24 episode of New Heights, the podcast Jason co-hosts with his brother Travis, the father of three spoke about his youngest daughter’s recent experience meeting the Philadelphia Eagles mascot Swoop when the topic of scaring kids came up.

Jason, who retired from the NFL earlier this year after 13 seasons with the Eagles, said Swoop was “awesome” and understands how to act around younger kids who don’t know what to make of large costumed creatures. Bennett, who turned 1 in February, was “admittedly a little nervous” about meeting Swoop, Jason said, but the experience “didn’t result in a full meltdown like it could have, very easily.”

While reflecting on the sensitivity the mascot showed toward his niece, Travis then said he “probably” could “never be a mascot” because he would have too much fun enjoying the opportunity to “go full-throttle” and “terrorize the kids.”

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“I think I’m pro-scaring kids,” Jason said, to which Travis agreed with a laugh.

“We both are because our dad used to scare the s*** out of us,” Travis said. “Big Ed is very pro seeing the kids going nuts.”

It was then that Jason revealed a habit he continues embracing even as it frustrates his wife.

“That’s a Kelce pastime,” he said. “Kylie gets so mad, ’cause I know that whenever I go—.” The former Eagles center then made a sound that many associate with that of a ghost. “Wyatt and Ellie will, like, freak out, like there’s a ghost. Like, they’re not smart enough to know it’s me,” he jokingly added of his two older daughters, who are 4 and 3.

“I’ll do it right before bedtime, and Kylie’s like, ‘What are you f----ing doing? Are you out of your mind? These kids are almost down and you’re scaring them? They’re going to be up for another hour.’”

Travis laughed all while Jason recalled the conversations he had with Kylie about the “Kelce pastime.”

“I can’t help myself,” Jason admitted.

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