Live wardrobe malfunction threatens Oscars opening

Penny Burfitt
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Janelle and Billy's performance stole the show, but a button malfunction almost stole the performance. Photo: Getty Images

The world was floored by a show-stopping opening Oscars number from Janelle Monáe and Billy Porter, but it looks like a wardrobe malfunction almost undid the performance - literally.

Triple-threat Janelle stepped out in a seriously chic tuxedo, which she quickly swapped for a Mr Roger-esque cardigan and bowler hat, but had a battle with the buttons before she was able to belt out the show’s opening number.

The 34-year-old whipped off the tuxedo jacket, but popped a button in the process, smoothly taking a beat in the opening strains to re-button.

An unfortunate moment saw the blouse burst open. Photo: ABC
A quick button-up saved any further embarrassment. Photo: ABC

Her fight with unruly buttons wasn’t done there however, the Hidden Figures actor then fumbled with the iconic red cardigan made famous again by Tom Hanks with his nominated role.

Janelle struggled to do up the red cardigan. Photo: ABC

Tried she did, but those buttons would be buttoned, leaving the Grammy-nominee to ditch the effort and turn to the music.

She left the cardi opened and went on with the show. Photo: ABC

The show-stopping number was enough to erase the tiny fumble from viewers’ minds, but anyone who has stepped on stage only to lose a costume piece knows the heart-stopping moment the star must have weathered.

Fans slam costume department

Fans were quick to slam the costume choice as ‘ridiculous’.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

The overall reaction to the star’s performance, however, was resounding praise.

Despite the tense and messy start, an instant recovery saw the performance heralded as a huge success.

A wardrobe malfunction avoided, is win for any performer and let’s just say Janelle knocked it out of the park.

The star went on to perform a medley of songs highlighting the various films honoured with nominations, eventually joined on stage by Billy Porter

Janelle Monae killed the performance. Photo: Getty Images