James Gribble Tiger Fish Documentary

Extraordinary accident. Extraordinary man. A quadriplegic defying adversity and changing lives.

James Gribble had it all; then lost it in an instant becoming a quadriplegic. By giving a raw account of his accident, incredible rehabilitation, relationships, struggles and celebrations, we hope to inspire, educate and more importantly help anyone facing hardship or dramatic challenges in their world. We need YOUR help to finish the film and share this truly unique story which has been 9 years in the making and culminating in his return to Africa. Tell us...What is your Tiger Fish?

29 years and living la vida loca in London, James Gribble took off for the trip of a lifetime in Africa.

In a remote part of Zambia, James joined forces with Steve, a fellow traveller, for a fishing adventure to Jungle Junction on the Zambezi River...a famous hunting ground for the elusive and rare Tiger Fish.

Before James even cast a line, he fainted from dehydration, falling off a stool backwards onto hard sand and shattering his C4 & C5 vertebrae and damaging his spinal cord. Left a quadriplegic, according to doctors, the odds of his accident are around one in a million.

James’ catastrophic injury reverberated around the world. Friends and family all over the globe were devastated...including his girlfriend in London.

Tiger Fish is the inspiring story of a man who had it all, lost it and has defied the odds to get it back in an unexpected way. It is an honest, heartwarming – and often hilarious - look at a man who is now changing people's lives through the events of his own accident and the power of his extraordinary attitude and his own charitable initiatives Empower Golf and The Puffin Magic Foundation.

No topic is off the table in this grippingly honest account of sex, love, and the basic, human struggle of everyday things we take for granted, like using the bathroom or eating.

We live in chaotic, complex times. In a world full of turmoil, James’ story is uplifting on the most fundamental of levels. It is the raw account of a man who faces huge challenges everyday but who confronts them with grace, a killer smile and a wicked sense of humor. To know James is to love him.

Tiger Fish is a story of overcoming heartbreak. It explores the devastating effect of James’ accident on those closest to him, particularly the Gribble family and their single-mindedness in helping him gain independence.

Tiger Fish is a story about love. James and his girlfriend's passionate relationship spans the globe and incredible hurdles. It covers the joy of their engagement and the ultimate demise of their relationship.

Tiger Fish is a story of deep-seated mateship. It celebrates the incredible people who have gathered around James in an unprecedented way to further aid his recovery, as they helped him train like an Olympic Athlete. And it is the continued story of the mates that will never leave James out of anything. Lucky for someone who has a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

It took 9 years and 10,000 hours of physiotherapy for James to return to the place where his life changed forever in Zambia, Africa.

What We Need..& What You Get
We are seeking to raise a minimum of $100K to finish our documentary; $200K in total as a stretch goal with additional marketing and legal dollars.

It is our dream that film proceeds will go towards James' charity to help better the lives of those like James who need financial and emotional support.

Funds will be used for remaining film production, story producing, narration by Dr Chris Brown, editing, visual effects (our amazing graphics team will create titles, geographical moving maps and cleverly reconstruct the entire scene of James' accident in 3D motion graphics), sound mixing, music rights (yes, those amazing songs you hear on the radio unfortunately all cost a LOT of money to secure the rights for), music composition and recording of original score (for the majority of the film), distribution and publicity and legal costs.

To see the trailer and to help, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tiger-fish-documentary-film#/