Embattled YouTuber James Charles escorted through Australian airport

Holly Hales
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James Charles has been escorted through Brisbane Airport in his first public sighting since losing millions of followers. Photo: Backgrid Australia

YouTube beauty vlogger James Charles, has been seen for the first time since he was engulfed in scandal and lost more than three million followers.

The 19-year-old was spotted walking through Brisbane International Airport, escorted by staff, earlier this week.

Wearing a sweatshirt emboldened with the word ‘sisters’ - a term he affectionately uses to refer to his fans - James was flanked by three female airline staff who were closely followed by his entourage.

While James appeared serious and moved swiftly through the terminal, awaiting photographers fired questions his way in a bid for clarity on the accusations he has faced over the past week.

“Do you sexually harass straight men James?” asked one snapper, before adding if his tour, where he was meeting and greeting fans, was going to continue.

However, he remained silent throughout the exchange, leaving the teary-eyed apology video he posted at the weekend as his only response.

He was believed to be LA-bound.

James' online feud was with his former friend and mentor, YouTuber Tati Westbrook. Photo: YouTube

The controversy began when James’ ex-friend and mentor Tati Westbrook released an explosive 41-minute video where she accused him of ‘trick(ing) straight men into thinking they're gay'.

In the days since, several high profile men, including travel influencer Jay Alvarrez, have come forwards and shared screenshots showing messages allegedly sent from James’ account.

Travel influencer Jay Alvarrez claims he was referred to as 'daddy' in an unsolicited string of messages from James who also called him ‘hot’. Photo: Instagram

Widespread backlash followed news of the alleged indiscretions raised by Tati, and saw many of James’ teenage followers turn on him in the form of YouTube unfollows.

He broke the record for most fans to unsubscribe in a single day - a mammoth 1.26 million - with his total loss now surpassing more than three-million.

However, this is far from James’ first career misstep, having previously conjured up controversy for making light of the Ebola epidemic and allegedly editing the post that first made him famous.

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