Jade Trau to Debut Bridal Experience at Southampton Boutique

Beginning July 8, jeweler Jade Trau will debut a bridal pop-up experience in-store at her Southampton flagship. The new concept will feature her classics along with never-before-seen engagement ring and wedding bands styles.

“I looked at what our bridal collection was, and it felt like a compilation of a decade of individually designed greatest hits,” Trau said, deciding to take a more holistic approach to her bridal assortment, “using all my favorite shapes of diamonds and silhouettes to tell this story.”

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The Jade Trau bridal pop-up is a full-service consultation meant to help shoppers find rings that suit their personality. “The truth is that I want to tell a cohesive bridal story that encompasses both our most beloved styles and new styles that I’ve been excited to share,” she explained. “I feel like the rules and feelings around bridal have changed and I wanted to make sure all of our rings work well together for those that want to take a less traditional approach to it.”

A seasoned diamond buyer before launching her brand, Trau is known for unexpected and unique takes on diamond jewelry. “I didn’t realize how unique my ‘taste’ is in diamonds,” she quipped. “I look at the stone and immediately know if I love it or hate it. It’s like a part of me. After all these years, I finally have the confidence to decide if a diamond is beautiful just because of that ‘feeling’.”

A Jade Trau’s bridal ring stack.
A Jade Trau’s bridal ring stack.

“I’ve been going through this motion of unfolding a parcel paper, putting the diamond between my tweezers, looking at it first…before I put a loupe on it, seeing if it gives me the butterflies in my stomach, then putting a loupe on it…for literally 25 years now. The evolution of it in the past 10 years is that I immediately think ‘This would look amazing set like this,’ and if it doesn’t make me feel like that, I put it back in the parcel.”

The collection features an assortment of Trau’s signature designs available in varying diamond shapes and sizes with quintessential brand design elements that are seen throughout each piece. Available in-person at its Madison Avenue showroom, Southampton summer store and website, a ready-made ring — setting and diamond — starts at $9,650.

“It is a collection of signature styles that we have been gradually experimenting with and developing over the years. It’s a love letter to the design elements that are quintessentially JT — our versions of undeniable classics reimagined in a whole new modern way,” she said.

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