KIIS FM's Jackie O reveals health scare: 'Woke up with a lump'

She broke a rib over the Christmas break while trying to skateboard outside her home but Jackie O had another health scare over the holidays.

In a conversation with Dr. Sam Hay on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the 45-year-old radio host revealed she texted him over Christmas after waking up with a lump behind her ear.

Jackie O on air
Jackie O revealed she woke up with a lump behind her ear over Christmas. Photo: KIIS FM

Remember over the Christmas holidays I texted you about a problem I had and you were like you’ll be fine,” Jackie said.

When Kyle Sandilands questioned the star on what was wrong, she said: “I woke up with a lump behind my ear like really swollen.”


While Jackie may have feared the worst, she said it “just went away and never came back. it was fine”.

Kyle couldn’t understand how it could just go away overnight, asking the doctor: “Who just grows big lumps behind their ear during their sleep?”

Dr. Hay, or Dr. KIIS, as he’s known to show listeners, revealed it’s a lot more common than people think.

“We’ve got lymph nodes all the way through our head and they can pop up but seeing them behind the ear is really common. It’s natural for your lymph nodes to come and go,” he said.

Jackie O on KIIS FM talking
The 45-year-old immediately texted her doctor. Photo: KIIS FM

After coming back from the Christmas break in January, Jackie revealed on the show that she had broken a rib and was taken to hospital after falling off a skateboard while playing with her daughter, Kitty.

“She was skateboarding outside and we have stone on the floor,” Jackie explained.

“I was watching her and she's really good at it... She says to me, ‘why don't you have a try? Just try mum, I'll hold your hand and drag you along’.

“Just as we get to the end where there's the glass fence, she lets go because she thinks, ‘you've got this now’.

Jackie O and her daughter Kitty hold a dog
Over the Christmas break, Jackie O broke a rib trying to skateboard with her daughter, Kitty. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O

“As she lets go, I lose my balance completely... I land on my back rib and then on my head. I tipped backwards.

“I think I really went flying and I hit it so hard I was winded for about 45 seconds and I couldn't talk to her. It wasn't bleeding but it was a bad hit.”

In January, Kyle and Jackie were also discussing cold sores with Dr Sam Hay on the show, when things turned personal.

“I have cold sores but I don't have herpes,” the 45-year-old stated, prompting Dr Hay to jump in and swiftly set her straight.

Jackie O in Bondi
Jackie was taken to hospital. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O

“No you do,” he countered, adding, “It’s the same virus.”

“It just depends where it infects you, either on the face or down below,” explained Dr Hay, who is also the medical supervisor for SAS Australia.

The Masked Singer judge however wasn’t convinced and argued that she wasn’t “going to be passing on any kind of genital herpes.”

Again, Dr Hay contradicted her, explaining that the herpes virus can be transmitted via oral sex.

A shocked Jackie stated that she would ‘never do that’ if she had a cold sore at the time.

“I haven't had one for ages, but if I did get one, there's no way I would do that,” she said.

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