Is coffee the key to staying slim?

Researchers from Hannover Medical School in Germany discovered that two to four cups of coffee per day could help successful dieters avoid regaining weight they’ve lost.

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They believe it's the high caffeine content in coffee helps the body resist gradual weight gain.

As part of their research, they studied the coffee habits of 494 men and women who were taking part in a weight loss study and found that those who lost the most weight, consumed significantly more coffee than those who lost no weight or put it all back on.

The findings, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggest that just a few of cups a day could help successful dieters to avoid piling back on the pounds.

“Caffeine consumers have a lower body mass index than those who consume little or no caffeine, and high caffeine intake has also been linked with weight loss,” said the researchers.

“Our research suggests it might also support maintenance of that weight loss.” They recommend combining two to four daily coffees with regular exercise as an effective way to stay trim and healthy.

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