Internet Rallies Behind Kate Middleton After She Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton spoke directly with the public this week to finally explain the reason behind her lengthy absence from royal engagements, which has had the internet in a frenzy over recent weeks.

While giving an update on the abdominal surgery she underwent back in January, the Princess of Wales revealed in an emotional video message that she has since been diagnosed with cancer.

The news effectively puts an end to the countless conspiracy theories about her whereabouts and well-being, and now the internet is making a point to give Middleton their support and denounce those who helped fuel rumors when the Princess was actually going through a serious and life-changing health battle the whole time.

"It's so sad that she was forced to announce it early on in her treatment because of the Internet's conspiracies for the last 2 months," one user wrote on X (formerly Twitter) in Middleton's defense.

"I really hope the whole world is happy with for how they’ve treated Princess Kate Pretty much forcing her to prove she’s alive, into confirming her diagnosis and coming up with disgusting conspiracy theories.. she’s not complained even once," another quipped as the hashtag #IStandWithCatherine began trending.

Someone else echoed this sentiment, "It is absolutely heartbreaking that the media and conspiracy theorists couldn't let Catherine have privacy while dealing with such devastating news. When will people learn to respect other people's privacy."

Others aimed blame at Kensington Palace and the British monarchy's public relations strategists, accusing them of throwing Kate "under the bus" for the confusing media releases that led to #KateGate in the first place.

"Why did Kensington Palace release the doctored photo and then throw Kate Middleton under the bus for it when they’ve presumably known this whole time that she’s dealing with cancer???" one X user asked.

"Kate Middleton just revealed she has cancer and is undergoing chemo, which makes the palace blaming the photo editing on her even weirder. Hopefully she gets better and hopefully their PR learns from this," added another.

"Cancer is a tragedy, I feel especially for Kate’s children and hope she makes a full recovery," another supporter wrote online, while noting, "Separately all of the weird fake staged media was ludicrous and the absolute worst way to handle this and only fanned the flames of online conspiracy."

According to Middleton's video statement on Friday, she is now undergoing a course of "preventative chemotherapy," and is asking for privacy for herself, Prince William and their three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis— as the family continues to navigate this challenging time.

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