Aussie mum celebrates her loose skin and stretchmarks to inspire others

Sherie is proud of the skin she's in - and she wants others to be, too. Photo: Australscope.

An Aussie mum-of-three has learnt to finally love her body after having children and has been sharing her “real raw life” - loose skin and all - on social media.

Sherie Grant, 29, from New South Wales has taken a stand against ‘perfect’ images shown online and is on a mission to prove that all bodies are beautiful.

Like many women, Sherie has felt pressure to look a certain throughout her life.

“For a very long time growing up I disliked my body, as a little girl I never truly felt I fit in anywhere,” she said.

Growing up, her naturally smaller frame left her feeling insecure and she remembers being told by others to eat more. She was even accused of being ill.

“I had adults commenting on my body when I was 14 years old,” Sherie admitted.

She tried to keep the saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones’ but found that words did hurt her.

Everything changed when Sherie fell pregnant with her first son William, now four, in 2014. As the mum-to-be’s figure changed, she discovered a newfound appreciation for her body and no longer felt critical of it.

Sherie shares refreshingly honest and unedited pictures of her postpartum life on Instagram. Photo: Australscope.

Sharing the love

After having her second and third sons, Casey, three, and Kye, one, Sherie felt inspired to share refreshingly honest and unedited pictures of her postpartum life to show other women and new mums that there is beauty in imperfections.

“Becoming a mother has shown me great strengths and lengths my body has gone through to create three beautiful children. Watching my body change dramatically showed me love and acceptance for my body,” she said.

On her Instagram account Sherie proudly displays her loose skin and stretchmarks - all reminders of her journey to motherhood.

“Bearing my own children shone a bright light on the parts of me I didn't want to look at or learn about, I had always felt trapped in my own skin until I had my third baby boy, Kye,” she said.

“I started looking at every imperfection in a different way, I felt somewhat powerful I birthed into this new person, a person with more acceptance, love and appreciation.”

Sherie hopes to educate the younger generations that no one person or body is perfect but all are imperfectly beautiful.

“I want to be the woman I needed as a girl [...] so I started sharing my love to empower and inspire.”

"We need more real life bodies showing our younger generations that their bodies are uniquely beautiful," Sherie said. Photo: Australscope.

Empowering others

With the support of her partner, Kye Moy, 32, has even launched her own swimwear brand, Empowered She, to encourage others to love the skin they’re in.

“I had a dream, a vision and I turned it into Empowered She, to help empower every woman or person on the planet,” she said.

Sherie designed a one-piece bikini “for every woman to feel empowered, sexy and loved in the skin they are in.”

“My dream is for everyone to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy, loved and worth it [...] you are so strong, just own it babe, you deserve it.”

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