This is the insane route the Queen's staff take to deliver her food

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Being a butler to the Queen always sounded like a pretty cool job, or at least it did until this rare footage from inside Buckingham Palace revealed the insane maze they have to navigate to reach her.

In a behind the scenes clip posted to the Royal Family’s Twitter account, the camera navigated through the extensive route from the kitchen to the function’s room to reveal just how ‘impractical’ the current Palace layout really is. 

In order to deliver food to the Queen, the butlers have to make their way from the kitchen through several doors on the basement level, climb two floors in the lift to level 1 and walk through the extensive corridors before finally reaching the Chinese Drawing Room, where the royals hold most of their functions. 

Could you imagine carrying full plates of food all that way? Even in fast-forward mode, the route looked lengthy!

Just one of the many long corridors the staff must walk in Buckingham Palace. Source: Twitter/The Royal Family

The video was posted to justify the need for new lifts as part of Buckingham Palace’s £369 million “urgent” renovation that will span ten years. 

“Many of the lifts at the Palace are old and impractical – here’s how staff currently navigate from the kitchens to the Palace’s Chinese Drawing Room for functions. The route will be more practical & efficient when new lifts are installed.” The Royal family tweeted. 

It was also unveiled that ‘Point Cloud’ laser technology that is able to scan and measure the interior map of the Palace will be used to assist with making the architectural design more ‘accessible’.

Point Cloud technology will be used to assist with the ‘urgent’ renovations of Buckingham Palace. Source: Twitter/The Royal Family

Much of the refit is set to include replacing the Palace’s electrical cabling, plumbing and heating which, according to a statement on the Royal Family’s website, have not been updated since the 1950s.

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