Innocent fairy bread snap roasted by Aussies

Few things stir emotion like this iconic snack.

A Redditor has been roasted online after sharing an innocent photo of a snack involving two Aussie staples – fairy bread and a glass of Milo.

The picture shows the white bread on a plate with the sprinkles clumped in the middle, with the cold beverage appearing to lack the Milo 'crunchies' on top of the milk, which is lightly coloured brown.

"Having a Milo and fairy bread," the teen simply captioned the photo.

Members of the Reddit community however were quick to point out exactly what was wrong with the picture.

"You've constructed the Milo wrong," someone wrote.

"Milo first and the Milo to milk ratio should be like 3-1 in favour of Milo."

Someone else criticised the paleness of his beverage, saying, "The milk is milk coloured. I’m down-voting my own comment. That's how much I hate it."

Fellow Reddit users were also outraged by the scant amount of 100s and 1000s on the bread.

"You gotta butter to the edges and press them face down onto a plate of sprinkles," someone advised.

"6/10 for effort and taste in snacks. Personally, I would have more 100s and 1000s on mine," a second commented while someone else criticised the shape of the party favourite.

"Everyone is talking about the great insufficiency of 100s & 1000s but nobody is talking about the LACK OF TRIANGLES!" one added.

Fairy bread and Milo snack
An Aussie teen was roasted after sharing a photo of fairy bread and Milo. Source: Reddit

Some Redditors had a few other suggestions for the iconic snack. One person shared that they use Nutella instead of butter for their fairy bread, while someone chimed in to suggest the teen tries using spiced Dutch cookie spread from Aldi instead as it's a cheaper version of the more popular Biscoff brand.

Teen defends Aussie snack

The teen addressed the comments about the pale drink, saying they were thirsty and took a few sips of the beverage and ate the Milo on top. The teen added they had also poured extra milk into the glass before taking the photo, but the choice of placemat was the next thing to draw criticism.

"The absolute degeneracy of using a laptop to sit food on," a user raged. The teen confirmed the computer was only used for the photo.

Despite all the teen's so-called sins, some members of the community still commended them for their choice of snack, with one person summing up the picture by saying: "Everything I want in life in one picture."

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