Influencer hits back at critics over controversial bikini post

Fitness influencer Sophie Guidolin caused controversy online after sharing a video of herself posing in a bikini in front of her son.

Fitness influencer Sophie Guidolin has caused controversy online after sharing a video of herself in skimpy bikini in front of her teenage son.

The bodybuilder posted a video on Instagram flexing her muscles as she rehearsed for a competition, dressed in a red bikini. At one stage, her teenage son walks into the room, and Sophie kept posing as her son tried to walk around her, but not all fans found the footage appropriate.

"POV: Your mama is an IFBB [International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation] Bikini Pro," Sophie titled the video.

Sophie Guidoli
Sophie Guidoli caused controversy after sharing a video of her posing in a bikini in front of her son. Photo:

After the video caused backlash with people debating in the comments, with some labelling it "creepy", she wrote a lengthier caption on Instagram.


"Lol remember when the media tried to shame me for wearing a bikini in front of my son… forgetting I was an #ifbbbikinipro and I do this as a sport 🫣😂 my son doesn’t sexualise my body so why do others 😮‍💨🥵this my friends is 13 years of hard work," she said.

Sophie guidolin bikini
Sophie's son was unbothered by his mum practising her bodybuilding poses. Photo:

Fans flooded the comments with support for the fitness model.

"Wait so we can’t wear a bikini to the beach with our sons? Well damn, society just sucks then hey haha looking amazing," one person commented.


"All I can see is hard work and dedication. Your son would be proud," another said.

Others weren't convinced by her explanation.

"I promise you it’s weird… the last thing I’d want to see is my mum in a thong.. let alone doing it to post on social media saying how I’m ok with it and all my friends see it.. creepy," one person said.

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