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Ina Garten keeps this plastic wrap dispenser on her counter, and it's genius

The Barefoot Contessa 'absolutely loves' that it prevents her from 'fighting with that box' — the bane of every cook's existence.

Before I joined Yahoo's shopping team, I made a living as a professional baker — and can I tell you which task I least looked forward to every day? No, not lifting 50-pound bags of flour or cracking dozens of eggs at a time. It was fighting with the plastic wrap every time a tray of dough needed to go into the walk-in fridge. Even as a home cook, I dread pulling out the roll of cling film, knowing it's likely to stick to itself better than the bowl I'm trying to place it over. That's why I might have to take a tip from my culinary queen, Ina Garten, who's found a way to bypass all of that nonsense (because of course she has). Her solution? The Stretch-Tite Wrap'N Snap 7500 Dispenser/Cutter, which gives you a clean piece of cellophane every time. Oh, yeah, it's going in my cart as we speak...

Sometimes, the worst part of cooking has nothing to do with preparing food and everything to do with wrapping up the leftovers. This nifty invention changes all of that. 

$40 at Amazon

On the Barefoot Contessa's website, Ina says, "I have used a Stretch-Tite 7500 plastic wrap dispenser for years and absolutely love it." And in a video about her favorite kitchen items for the New York Times, she adds, "Instead of fighting with that box, all you do is just pull [the plastic wrap] out ... just cut it off, and you have a really simple piece of plastic wrap. I use it all the time. Just great."

What makes it such an improvement over the plastic wrap box? For starters, it couldn't be easier to use. Just place your roll into the dispenser (it's compatible with Stretch-Tite 250, 500 and 750 rolls, though reviewers say it works with other brands as well), then do as Ina says: Pull some of the plastic out, then press down on the lever to cut a piece as large as you need. It'll slice the plastic in one go, creating a neat, straight edge rather than the jagged, twisted mess that results when it gets stuck on those little teeth on the box.

Speaking of which, this device is also safer to use than what you'll get at the supermarket, since it keeps your hands far, far away from any blades (how many of us have nicked ourselves on those teeth?). And because it has more heft than a flimsy cardboard box, it's more stable, allowing you to pull the plastic out with both hands to place over whatever you need to cover with control. Now it'll be less likely to fold in on itself, creating less hassle for you. Oh, and the Stretch-Tite has little nonslip feet to keep it in place on your counter.

Photo of Ina Garten on a blue background
In the words of Ina Garten — sorta — "How bad can ending your plastic wrap struggles be?" (Andy Kropa/Getty Images)

Ina's in good company — over 1,300 Amazon customers have given this gizmo a perfect five-star rating as well.

"I bought this over a decade ago and [I]m] amazed [by] how this kitchen must-have lasted this long with lots of use ... including wrapping to move to another house!" exclaimed one shopper. "I was tired of dealing with the wrap's original box that deteriorates over time and use. This gem made wrapping foods seamless, clean and fast. This is one of the gadgets I reach for constantly."

"Love the safety of not getting my fingers near the blade, the ease of cutting just the right size and not getting all wound up in my work!" said another. "Great gift for newlyweds or new homeowners."

"Was a bit pricey, but after having it now for more than a year, I can't imagine not having it in the kitchen at the ready," shared a convert. "The device is sturdy and well-constructed and works as described. It can be wall-mounted or used on a countertop. The non-slide 'feet' keep it firmly in place when using on a counter. A nice luxury in the kitchen if you use food wrap often."

Several users said it took up more counter space than they would have preferred, as it was too big to fit in their drawers. "The only drawback is that it's a bit on the large side," wrote one, "but we absolutely love it."

"One FYI that I might pass along ... is to take care when using this dispenser, as it can tip ... if it is not secured properly," noted a final fan, who added, "[I] saw Ina using this plastic wrap dispenser and immediately looked it up. ... It works like a charm and should last indefinitely! And, although I just used the roll out of one of my store-bought wraps, it passed my test with flying colors!"

Now you can wrap up your entire July 4th feast with zero headache.

$40 at Amazon

Another Ina must-have? A sturdy Lodge cast iron pan (it's an essential in my kitchen too).

This durable skillet is made of super strong cast iron that'll last for decades. It has excellent heat retention for achieving the perfect sear, and since it comes pre-seasoned, you can use it right out of the box. It's compatible with all stovetops, can be used for campfire cooking and, at just $20, it's an affordable kitchen workhorse you'll reach for again and again.

Check out my full Lodge Cast Iron Skillet review for more. 

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