Improve your wellbeing with Yahoo's 30-day What's Up? challenge

With the coronavirus pandemic rumbling on and challenging our mental health in many different ways, Yahoo Australia is calling on YOU to check in with yourself as part of its What's Up? mental health series.

How's your mental health? Are you doing everything you can to look after number one?

If you've been having a bit of a tough time during the Covid lockdowns we urge you to join our 30-day mental health challenge for July. It is all about focusing on your mental wellbeing and learning some new techniques to help you cope.

Whether you're into cooking, meditation or even just socialising with friends, the 30 challenges will encourage you to do the things you already enjoy but also push you out of your comfort zone to try something a little bit different that might just work for you.

A woman poses in front of the sun, overlooking the ocean.
Yahoo Australia is calling on YOU to join our 30-day mental health challenge. Source: Getty Images

If you're a little nervous or don't know what to do, you're not alone.

Yahoo Australia and the team will be here to support you along the way, offering tips and hacks to help you get through certain days and motivate you to keep going.

Read on if you're ready to really start taking care of yourself.

What are the challenges?

The challenges will start off easy – rate your mood, phone a loved one, give meditation a try.

But, as all good challenges do, things will start to get a little more exciting as time goes on.

By day 23 you'll be waking to watch the sunrise (yes we know it's cruel but it'll be worth it, I promise), and on day 24 you'll be cooking a meal for friends or family.

If you're not the world's greatest cook, don't worry – former Masterchef contestant Julie Goodwin will have you covered with a nice easy recipe and some tips for hosting.

After struggling through a devastating 2020, Yahoo Australia is telling the truth about mental health with real stories from the people who have lived it.

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It's so important now more than ever to check in with yourself. We might tweak a few of the challenges as we go, based on restrictions and where we're at with lockdown, but we'll be sure to let you know!

Over the past year Lifeline has been receiving more calls than any other time in its 58-year history. There are more than 3000 people in crisis reaching out every day – a call every 30 seconds.

A calendar outlining Yahoo Australia's 30-day mental health challenge.
Yahoo Australia's 30-day mental health challenge. Source: Yahoo News Australia

Recent data from Kids Helpline also revealed in the past six months 38 per cent of interventions by the organisation related to suicide attempts.

“It is very clear that the pandemic is taking a toll on the lives of children and young people," Yourtown chief executive officer Tracy Adams said.

So not only is checking your own mental health good for your own wellbeing, but it might just help encourage somebody else struggling to do the same.

Help others know they are not alone. Follow along on Instagram at @YahooLifestyleAU and use the hashtag #YahooWhatsUp to share your journey.

Are you ready? Challenge begins on July 1 – come on, everybody's doing it.

Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467.

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