IKEA BallerCard: The exclusive loyalty program for just 250 lucky Aussies

Sick and tired of boring rewards programs that don't get you much of anything? Enter IKEA Australia, who have today wowed 250 loyal customers, unveiling the ultra-exclusive BallerCard by IKEA Family.

With just 250 available, the card is "80 times more exclusive than an AMEX Black Card" and "591 times rarer than an original Picasso".

Gold IKEA Family BallerCard in
IKEA Family's exclusive new BallerCard rewards the retailer's most loyal customers with free Swedish meatballs for an entire year. Photo: IKEA

Did someone say free Swedish meatballs?

The exclusive BallerCard is available by invitation only and has already been sent out to IKEA Family's 250 most loyal customers.

Ballers can present their BallerCard at the Swedish Restaurant in any of Australia's 10 IKEA stores and receive a free dish of iconic IKEA meat or plant-based balls for an entire year.

Yep, that's right, for an entire year.


Furthermore, Yahoo Lifestyle has confirmed that especially hungry Ballers, if they were so inclined, could indeed claim their free meatball dish every single day of the year.

No judgement here.

Don't forget the sides

It's not just a couple of meat or plant balls in a paper bag on offer, either.

The complimentary dish being offered to lucky BallerCard holders is none other than the traditional Scandinavian dish and main-menu item, Swedish meatballs, usually sold at $10.50.

If you've never had the pleasure of mid-shop balling at an IKEA, this dish is served with a tantalising array of mashed potatoes, cream sauce, lingonberry jam and green peas.

Not a carnivore?

Not to worry, vegetarians can choose from either plantballs or vegeballs, both of which come with the same delicious sides and continental condiments.

IKEA's Swedish meatballs dish served with the traditional mash and peas, cream sauce and lingonberry jam
IKEA's Swedish meatballs dish is served with the traditional mash and peas, cream sauce and lingonberry jam. Photo: IKEA

Haven't received a card?

It's not over yet.

Although the card is only going out to 250 of IKEA family's most loyal customers, the cards have only just been sent out.

So if you went a bit overboard at IKEA during the pandemic (once again - no judgement here), you're still in with a chance.

You'll want to keep a close eye on your mailbox, though, these cards are definitely going to be hot property.

It's not clear whether more cards are going to be released in the future or not, but it could be worth following #IKEAballer on the socials.

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