Husband Says He's Uncomfortable with Wife's Band Posters in Their Bedroom: 'Not a Single Inch of Wall Space'

"Everywhere I go, everything I do, there are always eyes of a hundred emo men following me around," the man writes on Reddit

<p>Getty</p> Stressed young married family couple arguing


Stressed young married family couple arguing

A husband is igniting viral conversation after sharing the frustrations he's having with his wife's emo band posters, which he says blanket the walls of their home and "follow" him around.

The man — who identifies himself only as a 31-year-old in his viral Reddit post — says he and his 30-year-old wife have been married for five years.

"I love her so much, and I am so incredibly lucky to be married to her, but there is one thing that really bothers me," he writes.

That "thing," he adds, is her affinity for emo band posters.

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<p>Getty</p> woman's room with posters


woman's room with posters

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"She has always been a huge fan of a lot of rock bands, particularly emo bands. This by itself doesn't bother me at all, in fact I love the music too and we go to concerts together all the time," the man writes. "What bothers me is that she has posters of these bands tacked up everywhere around our house."

He continues: "Our bedroom walls are COVERED in them. And I mean covered. There is not a single inch of wall space in our bedroom that is not dedicated to her band posters."

The posters are such that, no matter where he is in the home, the bands are watching.

"Everywhere I go, everything I do, there are always eyes of a hundred emo men following me around," he writes.

The problem has gotten so out of hand that he wants to put a stop to it, writing, "It sounds stupid, and it probably is to be honest, but I don't think I can stand another night's sleep feeling like I am being watched constantly. I don't want to be 'watched' by the members of My Chemical Romance or Taking Back Sunday or 21 Pilots as we make love."

"I've tried asking her nicely to move some of them and she gets really offended and mad at me so I just left it behind," he adds. "But it's getting hard to handle."

Fellow Reddit users have offered their advice to the husband in the comments, with many suggesting the couple compromise.

"This isn't a teenage bedroom, or a cheap houseshare — the [original poster] and his wife are in their 30s. It's not reasonable to have band posters up on the walls in the way that the OP describes, either in their shared bedroom or in areas where guests might be hosted," writes one. "A good compromise might be that the OP's wife can choose a few of the nicer posters in good condition, get them framed, and put those up."

<p>Getty</p> woman's room with posters


woman's room with posters

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Another suggested the wife restrict her poster habit to just one room of the house — and not the bedroom.

"Could OP's wife have an office space that she can decorate all on her own and have the teenager style overly cramped posters on every inch of the wall space that OP doesn't have to look at? Yes, sounds good. Is it reasonable for OP to have to live in this bedroom, even if it's only half of the walls that are covered? Not at all," the commenter wrote.

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