Hugh Jackman 'in tears' over heartwarming video of grandpa with dementia

Hugh Jackman has been left in tears after seeing a video of a grandfather suffering with dementia smiling the whole way through his film.

The Australian actor uploaded the video to his Instagram after it went viral on TikTok, with a fan showing the moment he took his grandfather to watch The Greatest Showman.

Hugh jackman Instagram headshot
Hugh Jackman has been left 'in tears' over a viral TikTok video. Photo: Instagram/Hugh Jackman

The original video was captioned: "My Grandad is at the second stage of vascular dementia and one way to cheer him up is The Greatest Showman!"

“So I decided to take him to a sing along [on] the weekend so he can sing the songs. We hope you enjoy.”


The video shows the pair sitting at an outdoor cinema with snacks, with the grandfather’s face breaking out into a huge smile when he realises that they are there to watch Hugh Jackman’s musical film.

Grandpa with dementia on his way to The Greatest Showman
The video shows a grandpa with dementia on his way to see The Greatest Showman. Photo: Instagram/Hugh Jackman
Man watching The Greatest Showman
The grandpa couldn't stop smiling throughout the whole film. Photo: Instagram/Hugh Jackman

“One of the best films I've ever seen,” the grandfather is heard saying, with his grandson writing: “He just couldn't stop smiling.”

The video caught the attention of the star of The Greatest Showman himself, Hugh Jackman, who reposted it to Instagram alongside the caption: “I am in tears at the sweetness and purity of this post. Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment.”

Hugh’s fans were also touched by the video, with one person commenting: “Oh my Gosh, this so adorable, that im totally crying and keep smiling.”

“This is one of the best films I've seen! I'm with him,” another person wrote.

Hugh is set to return to his musical roots, as he is gearing up to star in The Music Man on Broadway.

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